Best One Click Root Apps For Android

We all know that rooting an Android phone is a pain in the ass, especially when you are not sure of which method will suit the best for your device model.
If you would have previously tried rooting your phone, I am pretty sure that you must also have been in the dilemma. You would also have been scratching your head, googling for solutions and what not. Trust me, everyone(most of us) go through the same. 

2 Ways of Rooting an android phone

Now, in case you do not know, there are two broad ways of rooting an android phone. Either you can root your phone by connecting it with PC and then run some commands on your computer to root your phone, or you can use the so-called "One click root" apps available out there.

The former option obviously is more difficult but the success rate is high in that method. While the latter method is much easier but the success rate is comparatively less.
A lot of people ask me which method would suit them the best. Below is my answer for the same
If you are a not-so-techy person, and you are just following a tutorial to try the PC method, then I would suggest you refrain from rooting your phone via PC. Chances are there that you may end up getting your phone bricked and might face more problems.
Alternatively, you should try rooting via one-click-root apps and in case that method fails, you can try rooting via PC.
However, if you are sure of what you are doing, and are aware of how rooting works, then you should definitely try the PC method of rooting.
Now, I hope that you are aware of which method you are going to choose for rooting your phone. 
Let us proceed with the article then. So in this article, I am not going to consider that "Rooting via PC" method. We are going to talk only about "One click root" apps.
If it evident from the title itself, that this is a listicle and I will list few of the best one click root apps in the market.
Without further wait, let us proceed.

Best one click root apps for Android

There are literally tons of one-click root apps available in the google play store and outside. But most of them are useless. When I say useless, I mean it. As a part of an experiment, I tried various root apps to root my phone, but most of those app weren't able to root it.
So I will not share many one-click root apps with you. I will only share those apps, which are actually worth getting included in this article. 
Below are top three one-click root apps to root your android device.

#1 TowelRoot app by GEOHOT

When it comes to rooting, Towelroot is the best in the business. Though this app is not much popular(as compared to other apps like KingoRoot etc) but in my opinion, it is still the best one click root app available in the market.
One of the major reasons why I like TowelRoot over other apps is that it is amazingly fast. Rooting a device takes anywhere between 1 minute to 5 minutes. Secondly, it is very easy to use(I know, most one click root apps are). All you need to do is open the app and click on the "Make it rain" button and then wait. 
In few minutes, either you will get the success message or the failure message. The chances of getting the success message are more because of two main reasons. First, Towelroot app supports most of the android devices. Secondly, the success rate of TowelRoot is better than others. 
TowelRoot is not available in the Google Play store and that is the reason why the towelroot apk has to be downloaded and installed. Rest, using the app is really very easy.
Final Verdict: Despite being less popular than its counterparts like KingRoot, TowelRoot is still the best one click root app in my opinion. 

#2 FramaRoot by alephzain

Second one click root app that I love the most is FramaRoot. FramaRoot application is developed by an XDA Member named alephzain. FramaRoot is a one click application that will root your phone and will install superuser and Su Binary on your phone. 
The installation process is really very simple. All you have to do is to install the Framaroot app on your device and then click on the root button to start rooting. Rest all will be managed by the app.
Here is a precaution, do make sure that your battery is above 70% before you start the rooting process. You have to make sure that at any condition, your phone doesn't switch off while rooting.
For more information about the app and the FAQs and the download links, please go through this XDA Thread

#3 KingRoot

The third app which I finally look for when none of the above applications work is KingRoot. If you have previously done a bit of research on rooting, then it is probable that you might have previously encountered this app. 
To be honest, KingRoot is the most popular one click root apps out there in the market and the main reason behind that is it ranks on the top of Google for the most rooting-related keywords. 

Final Words

If you ask me which app of these three I would prefer, then for me the order of preference would be TowelRoot > Framaroot > Kingroot
However, it all depends on which app works for you. For some, KingRoot might be able to root their phones while FramaRoot might fail in the process. While for others, TowelRoot might be able to root their phones.
So my advice would be to split test and find out which of these apps work best for you and also let me know in the comment section down below. 
And lastly, if none of these apps succeeds in rooting your device, then do a google search for the rooting method of your phone and follow the PC method for the same.

How to Become a Professional Poker Player?

Becoming an expert poker player is not about how good your hand is, but it is about knowing the exact move to bluff. Millions of players around the globe play poker online, but not all of them are experts to win every game. You need to learn excellent skills to become a professional poker player and win poker games quickly. Offline and online poker are very similar to the rules complementing each other.

Becoming a Professional Poker Player – Tips to Know

It is very convenient to play poker games online. You must develop some skills to become a pro and win poker games easily with your gameplay. Here are some of the useful tips to become a professional poker player:

Create your Own Skills & Bankroll

It requires a lot of practice to sharpen your poker playing techniques. You need to work hard on it to improve the gameplay. There are some guidelines available online that can teach you to play poker like an expert. You should try to create a new strategy that is solely your own. Once you have derived your own strategy, you can practice it by playing poker using some fake cash. Once you have gained expertise, you can start playing real cash games. If you are confident of your skills, you can invest some real money on your game.

Emergency Funds Should be Established

You must not hesitate to accumulate the emergency funds. A professional poker player should understand his own finances before investing all the money on poker games. The player must keep two different bank accounts – one for poker playing and one for his day-to-day expenses.

Practice Hard Online

‘Practice makes a man perfect’, an old proverb saying has it all. It is very important for just any poker player to practice the game and new skills every day to improve his game. Once you have developed a new strategy, you must not implement it directly in the game involving real cash but practice it first using fake cash. This will help you to judge your strategy and become an expert in the game. Always make sure that you are not focused on single strategy, practice new strategies every day.

Invest Less and Make More

After training yourself well, you can start playing poker for money. At initial stages, you should invest less money on the game so that even if you lose, the loss is not that big. But if you end up winning the game, you can make more money from the little money that you have invested in the game. Re-use the money that you have won the poker game and make most out of it.

The Final Words

Poker is one of the most popular card games on the internet. If you want to become a professional poker player, you should adopt the strategies mentioned above and play like a pro after acquiring new skills.
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Three Growth Hacks to Gain A Massive Following On Instagram

Are you trying to grow your Instagram account, collect leads and make a profit? This post will introduce you to three growth hacks to build a profit-making Instagram page.

Below are three methods you can apply right away to grow your follower base, boost your engagement and market your business.

Growth Hack #1: Every Third Post Ask them to tag their friends.

The aim of the social media is to reach more audience. One of the easiest ways to reach new people is to ask your followers to tag their friends on relevant posts.

The contest is the most popular way to ask your followers to tag their friends. The catch is to tag someone to enter the contest. Here is an example:

Another easy way is to create some posts on human emotions or relationships and asking your followers to tag the relevant person. For example:

While following this practice be careful to use the technique in moderation. You don’t want to come as pushy.

Growth Hack #2: Get People to Comment On Your Posts (Hint: Ask Questions).

Post engagement plays a huge role in social media platforms. It shows that your followers interact with your content. This is a huge social signal for the audience as well as the instagram algorithm.
An iInstagram account with huge inactive followers is worth nothing compared to a smaller account with super engaged followers. Active followers are the ones who keep you going every day.

In simple words, engagement means post likes, comments, following active users.
One of the simplest trick to engage your followers is to ask questions. Question posts give an opportunity to your viewers to share their thoughts. It makes them feel like a part of your community. Your audience will be glad that you are interested in their opinions and views.

Types of Questions you should ask:

  1. What if: This type of questions are related to if someone had the power to change the reality what would they have chosen. E.g. “What if you were the captain of your favorite team...”
  2. Target the Curiosity and the urge to stay updated: These types of questions stirs the curiosity whether they know about it or not. E.g. “Have you heard about this latest update?”
  3. Questions showing interest in your audience: This helps in building a personal relation with your followers. It will also help you to get insights about them. E.g. “What is your biggest weakness??” or “What motivates you to work harder?” or “How can I help you?” “Do you need help?”
  4. Giving them the opportunity to share their opinions: Everybody likes to share what they think and believe in. You give them space and you will be in their good books. E.g. “What do you think about the recent mars mission?”, “How do you use Instagram stories for your business?”
  5. Yes/No questions: These are the most popular types of question post you will see in social media sphere. They are simple one line questions leading the readers to comment with yes or no. Generally, the questions should be casual in nature with a hint of fun. E.g. “Will you spend a night in the jungle without a torch light? Comment below with Yes or No”

Growth Hack 3: Branding, Testing, and Analysis

Branded Content-

Branding refers to the consistency of your brand in terms of looks in every sphere of life. Branding starts with a logo and includes other features like a tagline and consistent usage of design elements. Branding helps in recognition & recall of your brand.
Having a logo and website URL inside the image post builds your brand and credibility. It exposes your website link to more viewers. Use of the same visual element in all your images creates consistency across all your posts and helps in the recognition & recall of your brand.

What worked for others may not work for you. You have to keep testing different strategies and measure what works for you. Instagram business accounts show a variety of metrics, like reach, followers, and engagement, to help you with that.

If you want to boost your engagement another great strategy is to hire an agency to keep your account active 24/7.
One such growth tool is which engages with your target audience by liking their posts, following their pages, and commenting on their photos. GetRiver helps you in gaining followers that are interested in your business, driving traffic to your website and boosting engagement.
GetRiver is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time to engage on Instagram, so they can sit back and relax or focus on other important things for their business.
If you want to make profits from Instagram, you have to start by building your Instagram following and spike your engagement. F5 The Refresh has partnered with GetRiver to just do that.
Head over to GetRiver.Com and start your 7-day unrestricted free trial.

The Business Of Blogging

If you're running a blog - chances are it could turn into a business. You might want to keep things simple, but if you're gaining traction and growing an audience, it's likely that people will look to pay you for sponsored content.
This can go two ways - you might refuse this offer, or you might accept it. If you do accept it, it could herald the age of your blog being your job, and not just your hobby. Blogging can be pretty serious business, and if you're making money off of your blog, you need to train your mind to treat it that way. You'll have to treat your blog like a business run from the comfort of your home, and you'll have to stick to working hours. You'll need to promote more and network more. You'll have to do a lot more that sounds a bit closer to the world of business than the world of blogging.

How can blogs make money? 

How can blogs make money? Well in a number of ways. By selling webspace to advertisers, blogs can gain money from sales gained from purchases made via their site, blogs can charge for unique content (this is very hit and miss, though), blogs can write sponsored content for others, or blogs might exist to sell products created by the blogger. There's a lot of money involved with blogging. No blog will go far without a good website though, and plenty of decently sized blogs have bad websites - which is something to avoid. There are plenty of platforms out there which will allow you build a good website or you can of course work with a web design agency to build a great website platform to do your blog justice.
If you are running a blog as a business and making money from it, you do need to ensure that you are registering things the right way. It might not be that you register your blog as a business, but if you're earning money you will need to register as self-employed. Obviously, this does differ from country to country, so read up on your tax rules and if you are making money you do need to pay tax on that if that's the case in the country in which you are based. This will also vary if your business makes money paid to you by sponsors, or if your blog is selling products. It all depends and is heavily circumstantial. It's for this reason that talking to an accountant is a good idea. Get your affairs in order, or you might be penalized.

If your blog is a business, you also need to market like a business. If you are selling products, applying a good foundation of SEO to your descriptive copy is a winning formula and using the keywords that work for you will help greatly. You also need to think about your audience. If your sponsored content is too ‘constant’, you might lose a portion of the audience which helped you gain access to sponsored content in the first place. That said, you are providing something for your audience at no cost, so you do deserve to make money from your platform. Just assess the situation and if your blog is becoming a ‘hard sell’, it might be time to switch things up.

If you're creating content, that can still be good for business. Some blogs and websites started off as a complement to the author's content - whether it was visual, audible or written. A good example of this is the audible area - a podcast. Podcasts come in the form of blog posts which link to RSS feeds which update podcast players. This is the content - matched with the written word on a website.A lot of podcasts do sell merchandise, so when the content is matched with copy/written words - an ecommerce platform is built on top to maximize profitability of the product (the podcast). Shirts that commemorate the podcast, physical editions of the podcast and other merchandise are sold by the host to make money from the main content - the podcast. This podcast might even be sponsored if it has enough listeners. You can probably see how an additional arm of content can be quite the money spinner. Aaron Mahnke’s ‘Lore’ podcast sold shirts, books and even sold the rights to be made into a TV series. Creativity is always key.

The business of a blog is just like any other business. Sell your product, pay your taxes - you just need to take the needs of your audience into mind.

Boost Employee Productivity Levels In 6 Easy Steps

Whatever line of business you are in, the level of productivity you get from your employees has a direct correlation with your chances of success. High levels of productivity mean you are always pushing forward. Low levels of productivity mean your business is stale, employees are miserable, and something needs to change - fast. Here are some great ideas that any business leader can use to improve productivity in the workplace. 

Improve motivation

There are an enormous number of factors that can influence the motivation levels of your employees. Are you inspiring your staff with a great and exciting vision? Are you offering them opportunities to develop themselves with first class training programs? Is there a clash of personalities that is affecting your business, or, perhaps, a malignant moaner that is responsible for causing a toxic atmosphere? As you can see, there are many different things you need to look at if you want to improve motivation in the workplace, and all of them involves looking at your business from top to bottom with a keen eye. And, of course, listening to people's issues rather than ignoring them.

Goal setting

Having clear and consistent goals is a godsend for employees. When people know what they need to achieve, it’s far easier for them to achieve it. Make sure that everyone has short-term targets that tie onto the bigger, long-term picture. Goal setting isn’t just for working on projects, however. It’s also a great tool for setting up feedback sessions which you can use to encourage better performance and development. It’s also a great way of acknowledging successes - and, of course, identifying weaknesses in your business. Ultimately, though, setting goals means that employees will have more motivation to be productive. 

Use of technology

There are plenty of technologies out there that can help you track and trace your employees’ productivity. Cloud systems can allow your staff to work from home, for example, and task-based programs like JIRA can be ideal for pushing project members on to complete their jobs. Maybe you could start using employee absence management software, too, and ensure that no one on your team is spending too much time off sick. However, while it can prove beneficial, you don’t want to overegg the pudding. Too much monitoring can result in a workforce that feels like they are not trusted - which, ultimately, will have an adverse impact on motivation, happiness, and, therefore, productivity. 

Sharpen up your meetings

Meetings take up an inordinate amount of time, and most of it is almost entirely unnecessary. Sure, the meeting process is vital for all businesses, as it gets everyone on the same page. But at the end of the day, most meetings tend to be productivity killers. They are full of additional discussions, pointless updates, and far too much focus on things that don’t really matter to half the attendees. Keep your meetings short and to the point, if you have to have them, and stop wasting time by bringing everyone in unless they absolutely need to be there. Do this, and you should see your productivity levels rise by a significant amount. 

Celebrate success

If you want to encourage productivity, you need to recognize - and celebrate - success. Even the smallest victories can be a huge thing for some of your staff, and a job well done should always get its rewards. Whether it’s financial incentives or prizes - such as a big day out for a team, for example - rewarding success means that others will be more likely to aspire to it. Even small gestures can count - a mention in a big meeting or even just a congratulatory handshake can help people feel more like they are useful and wanted by your company. 


Finally, one of the most important aspects of improving productivity is communication. And we’re not just talking about talking, listening, and having an open door policy. We’re also talking about making everything clear for your employees. Do they have access to an employee handbook or manual that they can reference to do their jobs? Are there resources that employees can use to improve the quality of work? And if they do need to get assistance for a particular task, do they know who to ask? Finally, every employee in your company should understand the different chains of command and know exactly who to turn to for specific problems. Not only will this save them time and ensure they stay productive, but it will also stop everyone else from becoming distracted with questions they cannot answer. 

NEET Examination 2017- An Overview

NEET (NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST) is one of the reputed examination in India for the selection of medical candidates. This is a national level medical entrance test conducted every year by the UGC.
It is held for providing admissions to MBBS/BDS courses offered by all government and private medical colleges in India. Usually, this is being conducted in May every year for all the available government sheets in government colleges.

All seats (MBBS/BDS) of any medical/dental college will be filled by the score of NEET examination only. The filling of the seats in the colleges will be based on the NEET Results score followed by centralized counseling.
From 2017, there have been many changes to the NEET-like AIPVT examination has been replaced by NEET 2017 examination. Here are some other changes are done in NEET 2017.
  • Notice issued about 3 attempts in NEET for those who have made 3 attempts prior to 2017. NEET 2017 will be counted as 1 Attempt for all the candidates. 
  • No other exam except NEET will be held for offering admission into MBBS/BDS courses in India from the year 2017. This is as per the order was given by the supreme court of India.
  • It will be conducted in 10 regional languages as well- English, Tamil, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Kannada, and Telugu.

Important Dates regarding NEET 2017

Here are some of the probable dates for the exam but you are advised to follow the official website for the updated news.
Items Dates
NEET 2017 Notification
31st January 2017 (Declared)
ast date to submit the application form (without late fee)
1st March 2017
One Time Correction 7th March to 12th March 2017
Admit Card Release Date 15th April 2017
NEET 2017 Exam Date 7th May 2017
Result Declared 8th June 2017
NEET Counselling After Result Announcement

NEET Examination Pattern

As the exam will be held on 7th May and here is the probable pattern for the exam.
No. of Question

There will be negative marking as well and so you should take care while answering the questions. 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

What all details you need while form filling

Here is certain information you need while filling the NEET form.

For registration

  • Candidate’s name
  • Date of Birth
  • Mother’s name
  • Father’s name
  • Mobile number
  • Email id

Educational details

  • Qualifying examination
  • Year of passing Class X
  • Name of school where studied Class X
  • Percentage Obtained in Class X
  • Year of passing Class XII
  • Name of school where studied Class XII
  • Percentage Obtained in Class XII

Personal details

  • Contact details
  • State domicile
  • Gender
  • Category
  • Parents/guardian’s details


This was all about the NEET 2017. As there are many changes done in NEET this time and so candidates should understand those. Also, the age factor is still under review and the decision is expected to come by the end of this month. Do prepare well and do well in the NEET exam.

Tips to Play Online Rummy Games like a Pro

The classical Indian Rummy game has also been everyone’s favorite with millions of people enjoying it during get-togethers and normal days. Rummy is also one of the best card games that can be played online as well. But the question is - how to play the rummy card game? Playing the rummy game online is easy as some websites allow you to play rummy. You can also earn real cash with your gaming skills if you play the game well. You can quickly join millions of players who are playing this game and get a chance to win real cash. You should learn skills to play the game of rummy like a pro to make cash winnings.

Tips to Play Online Rummy Games like a Pro

Regardless of which website you choose to play on, the basic rules remain the same. So it’s vital to know the guidelines before you actually start playing.

Keep an Eye on Cards at Discard Section

While playing rummy online, it is important to keep an eye on the discard section cards as it will help you guess the sequences of your opponents. You can even try and confuse your opponents by picking up discarded cards.
At the same time, keep an eye on the cards that your opponent picks from here. If your opponent picks up a card ensure that you don’t discard any further cards that are close to the one your opponent picked.
Also, don’t hold cards for too long. Keep discarding them if they are non-usable for long, especially the higher valued ones.

Keep your High Valued Cards for Sometime

Many players think of discarding their high valued cards first so as to reduce the burden of more points left at the end. But well, you should give yourself and your luck some chance. You should keep your high valued cards at least until the 4th or 5th move and wait for your opponent to discard some of his/her high valued cards first. Perhaps you’ll confuse the opponent and succeed in making a high valued cards sequence and winning the game.

Gather Smart Cards

Always play smart by gathering smart cards, which can be used in some sequences. For example, a 7 of any suit can be used with 5 and 6 or 6 and 8 or 8 and 9 of the same suit or two more 7s from other suits to make a run. With so many options, it gets easier to form a run when compared to the K (king) card. So collect smart cards to increase your chance of winning the rummy game online.

Good Presence of Mind

The online rummy game comes in some slight variants. To play well, you need the good presence of mind, great game playing skills. You need to stay alerted throughout the game and not give your opponent any chance of knowing what’s on your mind.

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The Last Words

You are learning how to play the rummy card game, which is good. While there is no harm in playing the rummy game for fun but don’t play the rummy game online for cash before you actually know everything about the game. It would be better if you don’t involve cash at all even at later stages. Games should be played for fun after all. So play free rummy card games online and enjoy!

Why HR is A-OK For Your Business

A well running human resources department can open up all sorts of possibilities if you are a business owner. Unfortunately, a lot of the time HR gets relegated to the sidelines and forgotten. Whether this is down to a lack of understanding or unappreciation of its benefits, you may well be missing out by neglecting this crucial area of business. If you are generally unaware of how an HR department can benefit your company, here are just a few of the responsibilities they can take charge of and the benefits they can have. 


One core function of an HR department is in the world of recruitment. They can take charge of the entire process; from putting out the initial advert to potential screening candidates and even conducting the interviews themselves. The longer an HR professional or team works at a particular company, the more streamlined this process will become. Even though you will probably want to conduct the final interviews, there is a much higher chance that the candidates are of a good standard once they have been screened. This will save you valuable time, freeing you up to focus on growing other areas of the company. We all know how important it is that you recruit a strong team for your business to expand. Your HR department will play a key role in this.

A Valuable Employee Resource

In organizations both large and small, it is almost inevitable that there will be conflicts of some kind that need to be dealt with. Your HR team is who your employees can turn to air their grievances, receive advice and hopefully resolve their conflicts. They may act as a go-between; communicating backward and forwards between the staff members who are having problems. This is such a valuable resource to have, and significantly improves your chances of having a high rate of employee satisfaction. In turn, this means that they are more likely to stay longer with you and you will save money on recruitment costs.

Performance Evaluations and Training

Your HR department can be placed in charge of completing employee evaluations, ensuring that targets are being met and everything is running smoothly. This is vital in monitoring how well your staff is performing and finding out if any changes need to be made in the company. They can also take charge of training exercises, which are so important in the ongoing development of your staff. Again, this will help to create a business environment which is productive and full of creativity. Your HR department will also be tasked with showing new employees the ropes and getting them used to the culture of the company.

Legal Requirements

There will inevitably be a list of legal requirements that your business needs to keep on top of. HR often involves monitoring these changes and making sure your company is prepared to adapt to any developments as they occur. One of these legal requirements is based on employee law. Your HR department can keep track of issues such as holiday entitlement and legal working hours to prevent your business from getting into any potentially costly legal battles.

Money Saving

One of the main advantages of an HR department is they save businesses money in the long run. Much of this is done through streamlining various processes, so they run more efficiently, as well as increasing employee retention. Many companies choose to outsource their HR needs to firms such as Outsourcing is often more cost-effective, while you are also safe in the knowledge that you are bringing in the experts in the field. 

Compensation and Benefits

Moving onto employee benefits, your HR department can handle issues such as compensation, tax with holding and other wage-related issues. The HR team also makes sure that the payroll system is always running smoothly, regardless of its size. This should be yet another weight off your mind, giving you more freedom to run the company as you see fit.

A Bridge Between Management and Employees

Some companies often end up having a gap between management and employees which your HR team can help to bridge. If any issues arise from either side, they can act as a go-between to smooth them over. One of the most important qualities for an HR department to have is that they are trusted and respected by both management and employees alike.

The Importance of Software Testing & What You Should Know About It

Producing software can be a fun and fascinating process, but when you are producing software for the market, it also has to work properly. You can’t be sure that this is the case until you have been through the full and comprehensive software testing process. This is when the software is really put to the test, and you should try to ensure that you don’t skip over this phase.
There are some things that you should know about software testing if you’re going to get your approach to it right. First of all, you’ll need to know about why it’s so important. And then you’ll need to understand a few things that you can put to use when you undertake the testing process.

Unforeseen Problems Always Arrive During Testing

Many people underestimate the importance of looking for problems lurking in their software. That’s because they think they got it right the first time. This kind of arrogance won’t help you produce software that will work as it should, though. There are always unforeseen problems and issues that arise, no matter how talented the team behind the software is. That’s just the nature of designing and developing software. It’s a complex process, and you can't always predict the end result until you’ve been through the relevant testing phases.

It Helps to Ensure Customers Aren’t Left Disappointed

Customers that are left disappointed by the software that you provide them with will probably never interact with your business again. I’m sure that’s not what you want, but that is what will happen if they buy your software only to find that it’s riddled with faults and problems. Those faults and problems can be fixed and ultimately avoided as far as the customer is concerned. You just need to make sure that you carry out the right testing. It’s a small thing, but it matters and it makes a big difference to the success of your business.

There Are Lots of Systems Out There That You Software Could be Used On

Testing is so important because there are so many systems and platforms on which your software can be run and used. You need to make sure that your software works on all of them because if it doesn’t, then a significant percentage of your customers will not be happy with what they receive. Giving customers the flexibility to choose how they use your software just makes it more appealing. The power will be in their hands, and they won’t have to worry about the software not running as well on a certain operating system.

Testing Can be Repetitive and Uninteresting

This might not be the thing that you want to hear about the testing process, but it’s true. It makes sense to know what you will be up against as you go through testing. But no matter how boring, uninteresting or repetitive it all is, it’s still vitally important. You will probably also get frustrated when you go through this process. Having to deal with lots of minor problems can be more complicated than first appearances suggest, so keep this in mind. Even if you think it will be straightforward, it might not be.

Finding a Problem Doesn’t Have to be the End of the World

However, when you do find problems in your software, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. After all, what’s the alternative? Finding a problem during testing is always better than leaving it and allowing your customers to find it for themselves. When that happens, you will be under a lot of pressure to offer refunds and fix the problem. Your business will also receive bad coverage and publicity, and that could harm the future of the business if the bad publicity starts to stick. That’s the last thing your business needs as you aim to grow it.

Always Test the Security of the Software

The security of the software should be tested as you work through this stage of the process. The security of the software is one of the most important things of all. If it’s not secure and it's liable to break and get hacked when customers are using, people will quickly lose patience with the software. And they will never use your business for buying software again after they have that negative experience. You will never retain customers if your business conducts itself in this way. So, ensure security testing plays a significant role in the overall testing process. - Online Paradise for Rummy Freaks Comes with New Commercial has emerged to the No.1 rummy playing platform in India. It has a base of over 8 million users associated with it. The variety of rummy games along with the outstanding reward system makes it one of the best websites to play rummy card games online. Ace2Three is one of the oldest rummy playing platforms in India that now has it mobile apps too for both Android and iOS platforms. It has never lacked in marketing its products in the most efficient manner and this is why its user base is increasing daily. It has now come up with the all new rummy TVC with an interesting story. Check it out now!

The game of rummy is fun when you link it up with your real life. The video depicts a family who has gone for jewelry shopping. While the women of the house are busy in selecting the earrings and necklace, the man is trying to arrange the rings and earrings in some sequence. We have no clue what he is doing, but the salesman is watching him carefully. When he calls for diamond, the salesman snatches the diamond shaped earring from the man’s daughter hand and gives it to him. Oh my God! He has successfully made a rummy card sequence arranging the jewelry pieces. Only a rummy enthusiast can connect this situation well.
In just any game of rummy, the joker plays a vital role. You need to use the joker perfectly to win the game in a limited number of moves and take away the chips. Let us understand how to use joker with perfection.

Understanding the Term Joker in the Rummy Game

There are 52 cards in every deck excluding 2 more cards that have joker printed on them. The ‘Joker’ has its own rule to follow depending on the type of card games you are playing. Joker is the wild card in any game of rummy. It can be considered as replacement card, but the player should know how to use this card wisely & it should match with the rules of the rummy game.

The joker card is given utmost importance in any rummy card game as it enhances the chance of your winning in the game. Just understanding about ‘Joker’ term is not enough. You should also know how to meld the group by re-arranging the cards with Joker and complete the game in minimum moves. There must be a pure life sequence when you are arranging the 13 cards in groups of 4, 3, 3, and 3. A pure life is basically a sequence of at least 3 successive cards from the same suit. Let us understand about different types of Jokers used in the rummy game.

The Types of Joker in Rummy Card Game

The rules of playing rummy game are same for any game type. But, you need to understand about two types of jokers used in rummy game.

  • Printed Joker: There are 2 cards with printed faces of Joker in every pack of cards along with 52 cards. These are called the printed joker and are used for completing another set after you have formed a pure life sequence.
  • Cut Joker: The cards are well shuffled using the random number generator in any game of rummy and 13 cards are dealt to each player. After these cards are dealt, one card is selected randomly and is termed as cut-joker for that particular game. You should know that all cards having the same rank with cut joker will be treated as same irrespective of the suit in only that specific game.

Melding the Group with Joker and Cut Joker

As mentioned earlier, the player should make one pure life sequence before making a set with joker. A pure life sequence is a mandatory set in the game. Once you have made this sequence, you can now meld the group with cut joker or printed joker. The images below show how you can meld the group using printed joker and cut joker.

Melding with Printed Joker –

Melding with Cut Joker –

This is how you can easily meld your group with the joker cards after forming a pure sequence.

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