10 Best Responsive Business Joomla Templates

As you know that Joomla is the another leading CMS after WordPress. In the latest updates of Joomla, you can upgrade Joomla in the just single click, and you don't need to hire Joomla development agencies to migrate your old Joomla site to latest Joomla version. So if you are choosing Joomla for your next website, it is a right choice for you.
There are many Joomla template provider who is offering Joomla templates for free as well as paid. In this post, I am also going to share some free Joomla templates and off course some paid to give an extensive look to your website.  But before checking out the list, you need to know why you should use Joomla template instead of using custom coding.

Why You Should Choose Joomla Template?

Templates or themes are pre-build designs for your website. When you are using them, then reduce your designing work. You just need to replace the graphics and content with your and your website is ready. In short, you can say that Template/Themes fasten your website development work.  So now let's drive into the list of Multipurpose Joomla Templates. 

List of Multipurpose Joomla Templates

JD New York - Multipurpose Joomla Template

JD New York is a multipurpose Joomla template developed by JoomDev. This template is fully compatible with 3rd party extensions as well as latest Joomla 3.6.5. You can directly download this mobile friendly template from their official website and setup on your website. This template has more than 12 content positions and Smart Slider 3 slider on home page. Let me tell you that you can use this template for your personal as well as commercial purpose without investing any coin.

JD Chicago - Business Joomla Template

JD Chicago is another Free Joomla Website Template developed by JoomDev. This is also a multipurpose template with a light, neat and clean design. You can use this template for your official website, for setting up the blog (which is the most attractive part of this template), for a forum or an online shop. You can do what you need with this template. For more, you can check its demo, and I am sure, you will fall in love with its beauty.

Helix 3 - Best Template Framework for Joomla

Helix 3 is not just a simple Joomla template, but it is more than this. It is user-friendly, modern, highly customizable and easy to integrate solution for Joomla users to build Joomla websites. It is a Template framework for Joomla 3+. It has the unusual features with drag and drop options. It is fully mobile friendly and can be fit on any device as well as the screen. I am sure; you need more information before using it. So check out its official details and demo.

JSN Dona - Multipurpose Joomla Template

JSN Dona is a special product for Joomla! 10th Birthday celebration. It is the first template with 06 homepage layouts, which are all available in both FREE and PRO versions. Moreover, this responsive Joomla multipurpose template is also equipped with smashing features powered by the FREE version of all our Joomla Extensions.

JD Atlanta - Mobile Friendly Joomla 3.6.5 Template

JD Atlanta is also one of the templates from JoomDev's collection. I fall in love with the beauty of this template, and I am sure you will also love this. JD Atlanta is a multipurpose Joomla template with more than 16 content sections on the home page and beautifully designed other pages like 404 page, about us page, Typography, Module Positions, Blog and much more. You can use this template without paying anything and take benefit of their fantastic free support through the forum.

Firefly - Advance Business Joomla Template

Parallax motion driven modern layout with rich content makes Firefly the best Joomla template ever created. The modern and advanced Quix Page Builder make this template more flexible and easy to use. You can customize this template easily even if you don't have enough coding skills.  With the help of Quix, you can create creative responsive landing pages as well.

Jumerix - Multipurpose Joomla Template

When it comes to Multipurpose Joomla template, TemplateMonster is really a great platform to get one. TemplateMonster launched their another Multipurpose Joomla Template Jumerix with amazing features and creative designs with responsive layout. As it is a versatile template, you can use this theme to make any kind of website. It comes with built in Virtuemart integration so you can set up an online shop quickly. For more, explore its demo from below. 

S2 Business Company Joomla Template

This is the best template, my friend used to build a client's website. This template is best suitable for set up a business website. It comes with parallax design and Responsive layout so it will be the best fit on mobile devices as well. The Mega Menu, lazy load effect and video background enhance its value and give an ultra fabulous look to your website. To explore more, check out its demo and details. 

Big Business - Business Joomla Template

Shape5 is well known for its creative, neat and clean layout templates. And this template is also developed by Shape5 team. Big Business is well suitable for business niche websites. The design includes a quick contact form right near the top for users to quickly reach out to you. The Masonry module has been modified a bit with CSS to display your portfolio of work in a clean easy to use manner for visitors.

JM Simple - Multipurpose Joomla Template

JM Simple is a multipurpose Joomla template which can be used for any niche business website. This accessible template works along with some useful extensions: display your business services as beautiful slides using DJ-ImageSlider, place a contact or query form using DJ-EasyContact and use the DJ-MegaMenu to build and display a responsive menu.

Final Words

Hope you have checked all these templates with their demos. From these templates, there are few free of cost and for some, you have to pay. So if you want to use Free Joomla templates, you are free to use those for your personal as well as commercial purpose. 

Are Your Employees Tech Savvy?

It is fair to say that every business on the market today uses IT hardware and software of some sort. Without the use of technology, lots of businesses would suffer regarding flexibility, ease of access to engage with customers and co-workers, sustainability and profit. The software provides businesses with easier, simpler and more professional ways of running more efficiently, such as: writing up reports, analyzing financial gain and loss, targeting which products sell well and which products do not, and also enables an easier way to construct strategies, policies and deadline schedules. Of course, there is software available which everyone knows about and which can be used on pretty much any type of computer from old desktops, to modern laptops and tablets. There is also software out there which only tends to be used by particular businesses - such as illustration software, editing software and grammar checking software. It is plain which sort of companies would benefit and use each particular type of software; a mechanic is unlikely to use illustration software, and a cleaning business is unlikely to use editing software. These types of companies are more suited to text software, where they can simply type up invoices or receipts and distribute to customers. Hardware is a completely different tool to software. Hardware is the outer body which software fits into - software is a piece of hardware’s food, essentially. The hardware feeds off any type of software and enables it to run, and allows you to use the software for whatever need is required. Hardware can include: monitors, keyboards, flash media readers and CD or DVD drives and can come in many forms.

Do not underestimate how important hardware is a business, though. Yes, software is what enables programs to run, but without hardware, the software would have nothing to run. It is important for some businesses to invest in more expensive aspects such as modern monitors, state of the art keyboards and the best media readers to allow the office interior to look contemporary, stylish and up to date. This matters to some companies more than others. For example, if a successful marketing company with a trendy appearance on social media have old computers and slow running monitors, when potential clients visit the office they will possibly be shocked at how the interior of the office does not reflect that of the outward appearance and may be put off hiring the company to run an important and expensive SEO campaign. If a book publisher releases stylish, and niche books, but the hardware they use is out of date, and the computers are beaten up and worn, potential authors or investors could think the state of the device reflects the way the company treats people who they work with, and could have negative feelings towards either signing a book contract or investing in the business. It is necessary for businesses to get the look of their hardware, and their use of the device (regarding where in the office it is situated) just right. You never know when it might have a negative effect on the business, and you never know who may be popping into the office meaning it could have an adverse effect during any opening hours).

However, with good software and hardware, it is vital that employees are certain in as to how they know each piece of software and each piece of hardware works. An example of this is, if you have recently installed a new emailing system, replacing an older one that had been used for years and one which all employees were certain in how it worked and it was used on a daily basis, it is then necessary to train all employees on how the new system works. You should include all members of staff, even staff who do not use emails on a regular basis. Inclusion in business is important for morale, and if anyone has been left out, there is a chance they may feel unwanted, undervalued and underappreciated. When training staff on any new software, it is not going to be an easy process. You need to take the time to understand everyone’s learning ability and their ability to understand new measures also needs to be put into consideration. It may be a good idea to take a full day out of the office, and train your staff in new surroundings. This way, everyone is more likely to feel relaxed and, hence, more likely to understand the procedures of the new system. It may not be wise to train staff bit by bit as they could forget certain elements that may not be deemed important by them but are actually vital cogs into how the system works.

It is also not just aspects of technology that employees need to be up to date with. Policies, procedures, strategies and techniques are also essential details that employees need to be sure of, for them to do their jobs properly. If you run a company which focuses on online sales, or if your company keeps an online database of all customers past and present, then there is a chance that you may feel the need to inform employees of new procedures which are going to be brought in, like if you intend on running a training day on how to stop information leaking, or how to prevent your company being subject to infiltration through people who are hacking businesses, then you will need to ensure all the information that is given is thorough, detailed and outlines every part of the new procedure. Without a clear agenda, it is common for misinformation to be distributed and this can lead to employees not fully understanding the new information and what they are supposed to do if a particular threat which is being outlined in the training day does happen to invade the company’s systems.

A common aspect of a company progressing is that some employees do not manage to keep up with the ever-changing features of a developing company. In a developing company, it is not unheard of for employees to mix and manage different roles for the company’s needs to be met. If someone was hired by their role being an administrative assistant, and they used the same software for a long time, then when new systems are put in place, they may feel that they can’t do their job to the same level that they managed to do it to before. If this happens within your company, it is important that you take the time to reassure an employee that they will still be able to do their job in as healthy a manner as they did before. 

With new software and hardware being introduced into a company, there is a good chance that there will be a lot of mistakes made by employees. When these errors happen, it is a good idea to ask your employee (or employees) how and why the mistake happened. This can give you the basic ideas to help put a stop to mistakes being made. We have all used new - and different - software which we are not used to at all, and we can all understand how difficult it can be to get to grips with the new software. This is especially true if the software incorporates a lot of different uses and the first few times that it is being used, it may be quite difficult to know exactly what each tool within the software can be used for. It may also be a good idea to ask the manufacturers if they could send someone along to your offices - or neutral venue - where they could explain the software controls and what your business is actually going to use it for, rather than simply allowing your employees to use the software without the proper training methods.

In any business, it is important to keep employees up to date with any necessary information that could affect their work. Without the proper information on how new policies, strategies, software, and hardware intends to be used - or how the business is going to utilise these new additions - there is a possible chance that employees could be left out in the cold and will not feel secure in managing their job or will even feel that they can no longer do their job properly, and to a level which is expected by the business. Software and hardware are always changing, but you have got to remember that employees are people and they are not as permeable as IT equipment. Happy employees can result in profit, deadlines being met and even exceeded, policies being followed and adhered to and it can also mean that your company will develop a good reputation for employee satisfaction - meaning more appropriate applications from prospective employees when there is a job opportunity. This, of course, means better business for you which is always a good thing.

5 Actionable Tips to Improve Customer Engagement With Knowledgebase Tools

Creating valuable relationships with your customers is highly important for the modern businesses. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, the rules remain the same. The better you are at reaching your customers, the more your business will mean to them. However, creating such healthy relationships is not always that easy. In fact, it can be quite difficult, especially when you know that there are hundreds of other businesses that put plenty of effort into similar things and try to compete with you on a daily basis.

All of this can put a lot of strain on a company and its customer support. This is why companies are turning towards implementing knowledgebase tools which can help improve customer engagement in many ways. You will have to take care of certain things to get the results you are looking for. With that in mind, let’s examine the top five tips that will help you achieve your goals. 

Make your knowledge base easy to use

A knowledge base is a self-service portal that is usually implemented on a business website. This means that when visitors come to a certain website, they will be able to see the knowledge base amongst other things, access it and use it as they see fit. 

Unlike other online tools for customer support, a knowledge base is used by the customers themselves. There is no need for you to do anything and the platform will do all the work for you. Still, the process of getting answers and finding what they are looking for will be done by customers, but it's up to you to take care of some other things. 

As the company behind a certain online documentation software tool, you will have to make sure that everyone can use your software, no matter how technically savvy they are. When you allow your customers to have a simple experience where they realize that everything is working smoothly, they will feel safe and comfortable with your business. 

Provide valuable information

The second thing your knowledgebase tool need to have is a lot of detailed information that is relevant to your customers and your new website visitors. If a visitor can rely on entering your knowledge base to get the information he or she needs, there is a much greater chance of them becoming a customer and a loyal supporter. 
This shows them that you care about them and that you don’t only want to take their money and give them little in return. If you are willing to invest time and share valuable knowledge with your customers, they will form a special connection with your brand. 
Additionally, it’s important that you include information that they need the most. You must learn as much as possible about your target audience and determine their interests, pain points, common problems, etc. This is how you will be able to give them the information they want and they will return the favor by coming back and doing business with you again in the future.

Follow a Unique style and tone

If you truly want your knowledge base to make an impact on your readers and really make them relate to your brand, you will have to create a unique tone and style to which you will stick throughout your knowledge base. When people go through all the information you offer and recognize your style and tone, it will be easier for them to find what they need and retain what they have read. 
They will feel like they know your business and the people behind those written lines. Not only this, but this sense of reading something familiar will invoke trust and comfort within your readers. A brand needs to be consistent to build a connect with the people. 
This also applies to your knowledge base. It needs to maintain a tone and style that are consistent with your brand image. This is how you will become something important in the customer’s mind.

Add a comment section

Yes, an online documentation software solution is built for the purpose of delivering valuable information to a specific target audience. Although this is the primary goal for such a tool, it doesn’t mean that it should be the only goal. Believe it or not, such a platform has the potential to create a whole community around it. 
For this, you will have to add a comment section. The online community needs to be able to give their feedback and discuss important topics. There is great potential for that, given the fact that this is a group of people who share similar interests so they will have a lot to talk about. 
You might even get valuable suggestions from readers that could help you improve your knowledge base and your business as a whole. Your customers will feel appreciated when they are able to express their opinion, and they will feel like they are a part of something important. 

Update your knowledge base regularly

The information you include into your platform when setting it up might be good for a while, but it's imperative that you add more details as soon as possible and you should also do this on a regular basis. No matter what industry you are in, things probably don’t stay the same, and there are constant developments in that market. 
This means that there is always fresh information that can be talked about and worked on. Customers will also want to know more about these developments, and this is a great opportunity for you to include information about the recent event, discoveries or achievements in your industry. 
This will boost your credibility, and your visitors will have more respect for your company. When they see that you have been in the industry for a long time and still follow the latest advancements and keep trying to improve, they will know that you follow a professional approach. This will let people know that you can be trusted, as you are dedicated and passionate about your work. 


Make sure that you pay attention to these five things I mentioned today, and you will be able to equip yourself with a powerful customer engagement tool that will be able to get the most out of your online customers. 
Remember that the clients who are engaged will definitely bring you more money and help build your reputation. What’s truly great about a knowledge base is that it does most of the work for you, given the fact that you won’t have to interact with your visitors personally.

Author Bio:

Vineet is a Technical Researcher with a combined experience of over 5 years at ProProfs.com, a website offering delightfully smart tools such as knowledge base. In his free time, he likes traveling and playing cricket.

What To Expect For iOS11?

Cupertino-based Apple’s forthcoming launches in 2017 have all been topics of considerable discussion in the tech industry. Tech enthusiasts, Apple fanboys, and general consumers have all been racking their brains to figure out what the tech giant will launch in the upcoming months. The tech giant is expected to roll out their iPhone 7 ‘S’ variants in September, but before that, the company is pegged to unveil the iOS 11 at the WWDC in June. It is true that Apple has maintained quite a consistent timeline when it comes to the iOS version launches. We seem to be on our way to a beta launch of the iOS 11 in June with a full-fledged launch in September 2017. If we look at the timeline of all the operating systems starting from the iOS 4 to the iOS 8, they were all born at the WWDC metaphorically speaking. The only difference this year is the launch in September and not June.

A better Siri

Siri has consistently been the highlight of Apple’s iPhone line-up, and we have witnessed subsequent iOS platforms to have built in significant developments for Apple’s signature virtual assistant. This upcoming iteration of Apple’s operating system, the iOS 11, is slated to bear significant upgrades over its predecessor by incorporating a Search by Typing feature. The feature is seen to be imperative in instances of meetings, private conferences and other occurrences like libraries and private spaces where a voice-based Siri might cause an unwarranted commotion. The new feature which the OS is slated to sport enables old Siri to take commands via text, and it will return its replies via text itself. Although critics have pointed out that this feature is similar to Google’s Allo software, we mustn't lose sight of the fact that with the advent of the iOS 10, Apple had launched the personal assistant program on their Macbook line of premium notebooks. The room for improvement on the virtual assistant, in this case, Siri, is enormous. The US-tech conglomerate has now opened up Siri for registered third party applications as well. This functionality will finally address a long-standing woe of Apple users: it will enable the AI program to manage non-apple apps like Whatsapp and WeChat and perform operations with voice control instructions. Because the other tech giants have also entered the AI forum, Siri’s advancements will undoubtedly feature more than we know. We are waiting for the beta version with baited breath.

Better FaceTime features

The latest iteration of Apple's iOS will also ensure that more features to Apple's proprietary FaceTime calling mechanism are added. Apple introduced FaceTime in 2010 alongside the iPhone 4 and its front-facing camera. We have been getting news of FaceTime screen sharing and FaceTime conference calling facilities in the upcoming iOS 11. Screen sharing was possible on the Mac for years via the old iChat app, and even now, Apple Support can at times officially request screen sharing to help troubleshoot an iOS device. The precedents, hence, are there. Besides, conference calling would also make FaceTime more competitive with services like Microsoft's Skype and Google's Hangouts features. Competitiveness is the name of the game in this scenario.

Better Continuities Features

Continuity was introduced two generations ago in the iOS 8 and included the handoff feature, which lets the user seamlessly move from one Apple device to the next while continuity is maintained. The nomenclature is, therefore, apparent. Users can easily write the same email and read the same documents on two different Apple devices. Such instances of synced activity are not available for media till now. We might expect such syncing business to travel to playing music and watching movies as well, maybe even in the upcoming iOS 11 itself. Apple TV and Apple Music still do not support this feature, but we are waiting and watching.

The Dark Mode feature

iOS 11 has persistently aroused the possibility of incorporating the Dark Mode feature in the upcoming OS. The previous iteration sported dark mode and was predominantly emphatic in allowing easy access to comfortable browsing in a variety of lighting conditions. The User Interface of iOS 10 was also extremely bright making it inconvenient to use in dimly or ill- lit backgrounds. A unique Dark Mode in the last iOS iteration, the iOS 10, had featured the functionality of using the devices in dimly lit environs. Despite these shortcomings and the fact that users want a better Dark Mode, the iOS 11 may arrive not with this particular feature but with something akin and with similar functionality.

NDA 2017 Examination- Countdown Starts!

NDA (National Defense Academy) is one of the most famous and reputed examinations conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

Millions of youths every year dream to join this prestigious institute and serves the nation. Our current and former defense chiefs are from this prestigious institute.

In this post, I am going to share some details about NDA exam which will help you to plan for NDA well.

About NDA

NDA is a premier institute that trains the cadets (candidates) to get selected for Indian Armed Forces (Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Indian Navy) as officers. Candidates may approach the academy by qualifying a national level entrance examination (NDA 2017) which is organized by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

NDA Exam Important Dates

Here are some of the probable dates for the NDA exam. Usually, NDA exam is being conducted twice the year for selecting the best.

The below dates are in compare to the NDA 2017. Although every year the dates will be almost similar regarding month.

Dates (NDA I)
Dates (NDA II)
Notification release
18th January 2017
7th June 2017
Application form release
18th January 2017
7th June 2017
The last date to submit the application form
10th February 2017
30th June 2017
Admit card release
one or two weeks before the exam
one or two weeks before the exam
Exam date
23rd April 2017
10th September 2017
NDA Result declaration
May 2017
October 2017

You are also advisable to check the official site for any changes in the timings and updated information.

Application Procedure

· The NDA 2017 Application Form will be filled and submitted via online process through the official site of UPSC.

· The application form will be released as per the schedule provided above.

· No change will be permitted after final submitting the application form.

· Candidates should keep ready the scanned images of photograph & signature in prescribed size and format before filling the application form.

· Candidates must note down that there is no need to send the printed application form to the authority.

NDA Form Fee

· The application fee for General & OBC candidates is INR 100

· SC/ST candidates and wards of JCOs/NCOs/ORs are exempted from examination fee.

· The application fee payment can be made via cash payment in any branch of SBI Bank or through net banking, visa/master/debit card.

Educational Qualification

 For Army Wing of National Defense Academy: Candidates must have passed Class 12th or equivalent exam organized by any State Education Board or a University.

· 12th or equivalent exam appearing candidates are also eligible to apply.

Examination Patterns- Marks

Here is the distribution of marks per paper for the NDA examination paper-

Maximum Marks
2 1/2 Hours
General Ability Test
2 1/2 Hours
SSB Test/Interview


This was all about NDA examination. I hope you got a fair idea about the one of the prestigious examination of India for youth.

One must try for NDA at least once in life. No matter you are getting selected or not, but it will give you a lifetime experience.

Do share you experience you have ever appeared for the NDA.

How To Save While Buying Medicine

Things are changing, and life has become more dependent on online stuff. Those queues for a simple daily needs are now not seen in at least urban areas.
Almost all the sectors are getting advanced, and healthcare is not an exception. Now you can find doctors, hospitals online and book an appointment as well. A recent progress is now you can even buy medicines online.

You can buy medicines online and save money as well. You can also check money saving tips for bloggers if you are a blogger and want to save money from blogging stuff.

Here in this article, I will share some of the best ways to saving money while buying medicine online. We all know healthcare is how much costly and so saving some amount will give you relief.

Here are the top 5 ways to save few bucks while buying medicine.

1. Buy online

Online stuff is cheap compared to offline stuff. You can upload the doctor’s prescription on the online drug selling platform like 1mg. You can get all your drugs delivered to your home.

These online drug selling platforms provide drugs at the comparatively cheap rate than the offline market.

2. Use Coupons

Online shopping is famous mainly because people get many coupon codes to get discounts on the products.

For example, if you are buying drugs from 1mg, just search for 1mg coupons, and you will find a variety of coupons available for you.

Using such coupons you can get some good and huge discounts and deals for shopping. By this way, you can save a lot of money every time you will buy.

3. Check for Alternative

Many times for the same mixture of drugs, a cheaper drug is available at the very less price from some other company. Try to get the information about it from your doctor.

But do this only when your doctor suggests and not from your choice.

4. Comparison shopping

If mail order isn’t an option for you or if you’re uninsured, you could save money just by choosing a different pharmacy. Websites like GoodRx can help you find the lowest cost pharmacy for your drug and offer printable coupons for that drug and pharmacy.

5. Authentic Source

Buy the drugs from only authentic sources that have a license to sell drugs. By this way, you are not only getting genuine drugs but also the right price.

You can simply check the about section of the websites, and you will find the registration information.


Healthcare along with the other industry are changing, and many facilities have been invoked using which end users can take benefits.

Make sure you are using those and saving money on such transactions.

How to Watch Movies Online for Free

Watching movies online is one of the ultimate ways to chill out yourself. Every one of us loves to watch movies online for free. Watching the movies from the comfort of home can turn out to much better experience if you are watching them in high-definition. There are some websites from where you can download full albums free and the latest movies. But, this is a time-consuming task, and many of you might hate it. So finding a website where you can stream the movies for free is imperative.

So, we have brought forward the list of websites where you can watch free movies online without downloading them. This is one of the best lists of websites to watch movies online for free that you will find on the internet. Enjoy your day watching the best movies ever released or check out some of the latest movies to watch on these websites. These websites mainly provide you free streaming service so that you are able to look at the movies online without actually downloading them.

Top Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free Without Downloading Them

So, it’s the time to enjoy and take full advantage of your leisure time. Go online and start streaming your favorite movies on these websites for free. Check this list out.


One of the greatest streaming websites to watch movies online for free is TMoviesNow. This website lets you stream different movies in different genres like Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, action, etc. The website is mobile friendly. You can stream the movies on your smartphone or tablet as well. It doesn’t host any movie on its server to avoid copyright issue. It simply provides you different streaming links you might be looking for to watch your favorite movies without much hassle.

My Download Tube

It is a new player in movies streaming industry. You can watch the movies in HD on this website in desired format and that too without any registration. Its database is regularly updated to serve the latest movies to the users. You can search for your favorite movies and click on ‘Watch Online’ option. You can even watch the movies offline on this website. Not only this, it even provides you with some free games to play in your pastime.


Putlockers is one of the best websites to watch movies online for free. It has a large collection of old and new movie releases in their database. Initially, this website doesn’t host any movie on its servers rather provide you with a streaming link for the movie from different non-affiliated sources. This website is totally responsive, and this allows you to stream your favorite movies even through the mobile devices.


It is a new website to watch movies online for free. Though the movie database is big enough, it’s smaller than some of the websites. You need not pay any amount to watch your favorite movies. There are movies available in different genres. You can search for the movie you wish to watch and stream it on this site.


It is the idealistic movie streaming website for you. If you love to watch the Hollywood movies and that to in HD, then this is the place you should come to. You need not sign up to look at the movies. There are different categories to browse from including comedy, Sci-Fi, animated, action, drama, etc. The best thing about this website is that there are no disturbing ads. You can easily watch your favorite Hollywood movies without any disturbance.


Another awesome website to watch movies online for free is NewMoviesOnline.cc. Here, you can watch the movies for free without downloading them. It provides you with the latest collection of movies to stream them online. The users can make the search according to different genres. All the videos you view on this website are provided by the third party non-affiliated websites. This site doesn’t host any movie on its servers.

New Movies

Another awesome website to watch movies online for free is NewMovies.ws. This website has the movie collection from the year 2014 to 2016. The movies from different genres including live, romance, drama, action, comedy, fantasy, etc. are available on this site. It doesn’t host the movie files but fetches you the links to stream movies from third-party websites that are non-affiliated. Moreover, the website is mobile friendly so that users can stream movies on their mobile devices as well.


One of the hottest junctions to watch movies online for free is Hulu. Everyone searching for movie streaming websites knows about Hulu. Not only the movies, but you can also stream your favorite TV shows as well on this website. It contains thousands of movies and TV shows that can be streamed online. One of the major drawbacks of this site is that the people from the United States can only access its video library.


This is another new website where you can watch your favorite movies without registration. It has a wonderful search option for the latest movies, cinema movies, and A-Z movies. Just type the name of your favorite movie, and you will find it here. It lists the movies from the year 2011 to 2015. Though the site is relatively new but has all potential to entertain you in a great way.


It is the automatic movie recommendation network that makes use of the public API for providing the information about movies and TV shows. The streaming links are fetched for you on making the search. It doesn’t host any movie or TV show but fetches you the direct links to streaming your favorite movies. Moreover, you get a short description of the movie you wish to watch.

The Last Words

These were some of the best websites to watch movies online for free. You need not download any movie to watch it. The movie will stream on the websites, and you can entertain yourself watching the movies directly from here.

4 Easy Ways to Protect Your Blog from Hackers

Forbes reports that approximately 30,000 websites a day are distributing malicious code to their users, and most don’t even know it. If your website is hacked, you may not know it until one or more of your subscribers report being hacked because they visited your site. Imagine the consequences of this. Whether you’re a fledgling blog or a successful one with thousands of visitors per day, if you’re hacked you’re going to lose traffic. Don’t wait until cyber criminals attack your blog, take the time today to protect your blog and livelihood.

1. Back it Up

No matter how secure you think you may be, there’s still a chance you can be hacked. Hackers are extremely clever, so clever they’ve learned to bypass network systems even when they’re protected with two-factor authentication. It is extremely important that you regularly backup your site’s content and design. Although you can store this information on a hard drive (external or cloud), you’re better off storing it offline, such as on an encrypted USB memory which is a FIPS certified flash drive.

How often you backup your website depends on a few factors, including how often you post and how important these new posts are to you. WordPress recommends that you keep at least three backups and that you store them in different places or forms. You can save on web disk, to your email, on flash drives, and on CD/DVDs.

2. Change Your Passwords

How long have you been using the same password? If it’s been more than six months, it’s time to change it. In general, you should change your password every three to six months because this limits how long a hacker has access to your account. “If someone steals your password and you don’t know, the attacker could eavesdrop for an unlimited time and glean all sorts of information about you or do other damage,” reports LifeHacker.com.

Don’t use a password that contains your name, birthday, or other identifying (easily guessed) information. Choose a password that’s at least eight characters, features capital and lower case letters, numbers, and one or more special characters (@#! Etc.) Or, you can make it easy on yourself and use a password manager. Also, don’t use the same password on your blog that you use with other accounts.

3. Create a Second Admin Account

Having more than one admin account ensures you can still log in should a hacker take over your main admin account. Once a hacker has that information, he’s going to edit the account information to prevent you from logging back in. A second admin account ensures you can still get in if you need to.

Also, don’t forget to block spam bots, such as referrer spam bots. For instructions on how to block these spam bots from your analytics report, check out this article: What is referral spam and how to block referral spam bot in Google Analytics report.

4. Install Antivirus Software Everywhere

You should never log into your blog from a non-secure device. Your smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. all need virus protection and anti-malware software. Before logging in from a newly secured device, scan all files for viruses. If you download software from third-parties, your antivirus and antimalware software will scan those files ensuring they’re safe to use on your device and your blog.

You don’t know how or when of even if a hacker is targeting your blog. An investment into your blog’s security is an investment into your financial security. If your plan is to grow your blog, engage a large audience, and sell advertising or services, you don’t want to be blocked by search engines (yes, they block hacked sites) or lose subscribers because they’re angry that they caught malware from your site. Protect yourself and your users by employing the easy strategies listed above.

Comic for Web Developers and Programmers by Browserling

If you are active on social media, you must be seeing a lot of funny comics trending for different topics. These comics are usually funny and have great jokes. They wouldn’t be trending if they weren’t funny, would they?
Hide and Seek Programming Joke by Browserling
Have you thought who designs comics for web developers and programmers? Who put their brain to make it funny and realistic so that it can take smile on someone’s face?
Well, I was also searching for the answer and found Browserling. Browserling is a cross-browser testing platform and they have a very funny weekly web comic about web developers, programmers and browsers. They actually have much more stuff to offer. I researched the company and it turns out Browserling has emerged as the top destination for web developers and programmers. You can find numerous tools for programmers to make their work easy.Things like URL escape, HTML minify, JSON to XML converter, RC4 encode, and 150 more. You can read Full Browserling Review but now let’s get back to funny comics.

I recently shared some cartoons from Browserling’s comic and they went totally viral. I got over 9,000 points on 9gag and over 5,000 points on Reddit.

Browserling provides a great collection of comic for different categories. Even though it is for funny purpose but still leaves a great message.

I am going to share a couple of web developers’ related comic for you to check. Also, please note all the comic are totally FREE, and you can use and share wherever you want. You can also modify them and create new jokes out of them.

Browserling provides webcomic in 10+ categories and there are hundreds of comics with different messages and jokes. Here are some of my favorite comics.

#1. Comic on Java

Here is a beautiful comic with a great message and funny representation on a programming language Java.

Java programming joke
You can download this Java joke immediately from here and share it anywhere you want: 

At the end of every comic, you will find several options as below:

You can share this image directly to Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. You can download or email this cartoon to a friend. There are also direct links to comic itself and to image so you can quickly hotlink, embed and share it.

#2. Comic on Programming

1023MB joke
This particular comic is about computer memory and a pun on gigabytes. A developer or any IT guy or girl can easily understand this joke. This band is short of 1MB to have a gig(abyte).

#3. CSS Puns

This is my favorite joke. It’s real life CSS pun. CSS is a web programming language. Here a ninja is illustrated using CSS. What is ninja? It’s invisible and it’s black. Very funny and cool! J

All programming jokes

There are hundreds of jokes in Browserling’s comic. After every comic they provide a menu where you can see the full list of all comics.

You can also download a PDF file with all comics in it for easy viewing. If you don’t like PDF you can also download a ZIP archive with all jokes or a single web document with all cartoons.
I really like Browserling’s comic and I’m always looking for weekly updates. Their comic is super funny and as a programmer I just love it. Share the comics you liked the most and let me know which ones you liked yourself!