How to Create an App that Breaks the Mould

Toronto is a booming tech city; in fact, it has the fifth highest number of jobs in app development, software publishing, data processing, and computer system design compared to all cities in North America, and it continues to grow. With so many firms emerging in Toronto, how do you tell which companies are going to deliver the leading edge application your company needs? These are some of the qualities you should be looking for from app development companies in Toronto.

#1 Foresight

Truly innovative developers see solutions that will endure changing markets and technologies. They can take the pain points your organization needs to address and create an app with lasting value. Part of it is timing; they have a nose for determining what your customers are ready to uptake and what’s a step too far. Always take a look at their past work before beginning your partnership and ask yourself if their portfolio backs up their claims to innovation. Foresight is impossible to fake when you’re looking back in retrospect.

#2 Agility

Without an agile process, no company can truly possess foresight or adaptability. An agile process uses rolling wave planning that gives you more say in how the project moves forward. As you learn more about the challenges and opportunities throughout the process, you can react and make decisions that were impossible to make at the start. The agile process used by Toronto firm Clearbridge Mobile, for example, includes constant strategizing and project ideation as expectations evolve, squads that see projects through from start to finish, and end-of-sprint demos that keep you updated on progress. Don’t be blindsided by the final product; you have more control when you are part of the process.

#3 Collaboration

If you meet a development studio that only wants to take your requirements and run with it until they’re done, it’s a good sign that you should look elsewhere. Your company has to be involved every step of the way to get the product that’s best for your organization. Your mobile app developer should regularly be sharing their work and revising it to meet your expectations. They should also be willing to work with your legacy systems. Take the QSR firm that turned to Clearbridge Mobile, for example, and their POS system was legendary for being behind the times, but the app development company created a mobile tap or scan payment system through a closed loop gift card.The software did not require any hardware upgrades at the POS in their thousands of locations.

#4 Multi-Platform Capability

 Always ask which platforms companies have worked with in the past. With the ongoing competition between Android and Apple devices, you will want to work with a company like Clearbridge Mobile based in Toronto experienced with developing native iOS apps and Android app development, as well as IoT, beacons, and wearable technology. With the proliferation of wearable tech and the recent price drop of gadgets like Apple Watch, no developer can limit themselves to smartphone platforms.

When you’re looking for mobile application development in Toronto, find a partner who will listen to your requirements but who also brings transformative solutions to the table.

How to Download YouTube Video With VLC Media Player?

How to download Youtube Videos
How to download Youtube Videos With VLC

In my last article, I have covered that how to download videos from Twitter. And now today, I am going to share, how to download +YouTube videos with VLC Media Player.
As you know, Youtube is the biggest video streaming website. So everyone wants to save youtube videos so they can watch them offline. But Youtube did not offer any downloading option for its users. 
But there are a lot of ways to download videos from Youtube. In this article, we are going to discuss, one of the ways from them. 

Steps to Download Youtube Video With VLC Media Player

  • You need to install VLC media player on your computer to save youtube video offline.


  • Launch VLC Media Player. 
  • How to download Youtube Videos
    Step 1
  • Now Go to Media Menu, and click on Open Network Stream or simply press Ctrl+N.
A Popup window will display on your screen. Now open YouTube video in your browser and copy 
the URL.
  • Now paste the Video URL in the box and click on play. 
How to download Youtube Videos
Step 2
  • Now, Youtube video will start playing in your VLC media player. 
  • Now, Right Click on Video and Hover on Tools and select Codec Information or simply press Ctrl+J

How to download Youtube Videos
Step 3
  • Now, Codec information of the Youtube Video will display in the pop-up window. You need to copy the Location from there. Copy that location and paste in your browser's Address bar to save youtube video offline.
How to download Youtube Videos
Step 4 

Your Video will start playing in this tab.

  • Now simply press Right Click and click on Save Video As or simply press Ctrl+S
How to download Youtube Videos
Step 5
Select the location where you want to save youtube video offline and enjoy. 
Hope you love this youtube trick. I will come back with other ways to download Youtube videos to your hard drive and smartphones. 

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How to download Youtube Videos

E-Commerce Features Have Reshaped The Way We Do Business Over The Web

If you have recently become the proud owner of a new small business, especially one that is primarily based over the Internet, you know how important it is to maximize your visibility in a hurry. The sooner you make an impression on the Internet - before an audience of hundreds of millions of viewers - the sooner you will be able to increase your productivity and profitability. When it comes to raising your profile in a hurry, the best way to do so is to make sure that your official company website has all of the essential features in place to make the best possible impression on a first time visitor. 

Why Is It So Important To Feature E-Commerce Software On Your Website?

There's a reason why adding modern e-commerce software, such as online shopping carts, to your official company website is so important. The reason is a simple one: The fastest way for your business to make money is to give your customers the option to purchase goods and services from you directly over the Internet. Instead of them mailing you checks that could take weeks to clear, you can have them use their Paypal debit or another credit card in a transaction that takes mere seconds to complete.

This is the essential beauty of e-commerce. The transaction is super convenient for the customer and a guaranteed cash score for the business owner. An important part of the operation will, of course, depend on your official company website having the tools of the e-commerce trade in place. To begin with, you will need to have your website equipped with a shopping cart that will give your customers a place to store items that interest them while they continue to browse through the rest of your site.

Give Your Customers A Convenient Place To Store Their Items

An online shopping cart not only gives your customers a convenient place to store items but also furnishes you with a chance to send periodic reminders to them concerning any goods they may have left there without purchasing. This gives you an excellent excuse to keep in touch with them so as to encourage them to return to your website and do business with you again. It's a true win/win proposition for both customer and business owner.

E-Commerce Features Will Lay The Basis For A Fruitful Relationship

In the end, installing e-commerce features, such as an official web store and shopping cart, will lay the basis for a long and productive relationship between your business and its customers. Your reputation as a trustworthy, upstanding, and reliable vendor of goods will rely on your ability to furnish your clients not only with the best prices but also the quickest and most efficient delivery system. Your participation in e-commerce will be the standard by which the public judges you in these matters, so installing a web store and shopping cart is urgently recommended.

How to Download Twitter Videos Online

Social media is the most trending in these days among all the people, and Twitter is one of them. Twitter was started in late in March 2006 as text based social media network. But later it starts supporting Images and GIFs and videos.

Users can share text, Images, animated GIFs and videos easily but downloading the videos from Twitter is a challenging task. Let me tell you that video can add with different ways in Twitter. So before you starting the video downloading processes, you need to find out the source of the video. It can be embedded through Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, or HTML 5 Video Player.
And downloading the video is all dependent on the source of the video. So let's discuss.

How to Download Videos from Twitter

Once you figure out the source of the video, you need to follow steps according to the source. 
If it is from +YouTube 


Youtube is the most popular Video sharing website, and it is too easy to download Youtube video to your hard disk. There are so many websites and browser extension that allow you to download youtube video in various formats. So you just need to open Youtube video from Twitter and copy the link and paste link into those websites. There are some popular sites like Keepvid, Savetube, etc.
You can also use IDM to download the videos.


Vine is the another short video sharing website which is owned by Twitter. If the video is from Vine, it is much easy to download video from vine rather than Youtube. Just open the Vine Video link in your browser. Now right click on the video and click on Save Video as or any similar option.

How to Download Videos

The video will be stored on your PC in MP4 format which is supported by almost every video player.

HTML 5 Video Player 

If the video source is HTML5 Video player, i.e., if video directly uploaded to Twitter then it is the little bit tricky to download video from Twitter. Because you can not get direct video link from twitter. But there is some website that can help you to download these videos from Twitter. 

Best Websites to Download Videos from Twitter online

Before you visit these websites to download your videos, let me tell you that these websites extract videos from tweet because there will not be any direct video link. So you need to copy tweet link. 
Do you know how to copy tweet link from tweeter? if you know, that ok, if you don't know, follow the steps. 

How to copy Tweet Link?

  • Just go to tweet. 
  • Find Three dots (...) below the tweet which indicates for more options. Click on these dots. 
  • Now click on Copy Link To Tweet.

  • A pop-up will display on the screen, just copy the link and paste in any below given website.

Video Download sources:

How to Get iMessage on Android?

iMessage is a popular instant messaging app made by Apple Inc. The app is quite popular among users who have devices like iPhone and iPad.

For a long time, the services of iMessage were only available for the users of Apple Products, but thanks to some excellent developers the iMessage for Android is now available. 

What is iMessage?

So first you need to know what iMessage is. In simple words, it's an Instant Messaging Service by Apple which helps you to chat with your friends and send multimedia like photos and videos using The Internet. 

But that's not all iMessage is more than just another Messaging app, first of all, it comes from Apple, so it has to be classy and slick.

Also, Apple has tried to break the limits of standard text exchanging apps means you not only get a mere messenger with the ability to chat but a full–fledged instant messaging app.

Why should you be using iMessage on Android?

So why exactly should you be using an Instant messaging app which is not even officially available for Android while you have many other smoothly running services such as Whatsapp and Telegram? 
Well here is your answer- because it's better. The biggest reason for using iMessage, in my opinion, is its security. One thing, which recent events between Apple and FBI have proved is that Apple is severe about user's privacy. 

And after that, if an app from Apple is telling me that my chat will be private, and nobody can intercept it in between then I don't see any reason not to trust it.
Another good reason for using this Apple based Instant Messenger is its amazing features that are very easy to use. Actions like double tapping on the message will help you do all the necessary things like forwarding the message or deleting them. 

Download iMessage on Android

Now you are ready to download iMessage on Android phone. The app was not originally available for Android users, but some badass Android developers have modified the code to work on Android devices. 
The app comes in the standard Android package file (ask). You can download the file from here ( Once you have downloaded the file click on it to install.

Wrap up

Once you have downloaded iMessage on Android, do tell us your experience with the app in the comments section.

MilesWeb VPS Review: Why it’s India’s Best VPS

As the technological world is growing around, web hosting has been acquiring immense significance. To cash in, to bring user-friendly relationships with end users or to promote your business, a site has become mandatory. And when you have a site, you definitely need a web hosting service. While there are tons of Indian web hosting companies confronting you with explicit offers indulged with economical rates; while listing them down, we came across MilesWeb, one of the few best companies that offers customer support throughout the day via Livechat, E-mail or Phone with a toll-free number.

What exactly does MilesWeb do?

MilesWeb is basically a managed web hosting service provider that offers you official email, domain and hosting along with it. It has a 99.95% accurate uptime. As the site is mainly based on hosting, the services include types like Shared hosting, Dedicated servers, VPS Hosting, Cloud hosting and Reseller Hosting. The packages offered by the company are categorized into three types with the tags, Economy, Value and Unlimited. These tags indicate the usage of the site and thus, the hosting size is recommended accordingly.

What does MilesWeb offer?

  • Web Space: MilesWeb offers modest space and web hosting services with top class features.
  • Connectivity to WordPress: MilesWeb gives a 1-click link to WordPress, Joomla, and Magento through Softaculous inside cPanel.
  • Access to cPanel: With the accessibility of cPanel, anyone can deal with their site including area, databases, billing quantities, file management etc.
  • Regal Packages: MilesWeb has a portfolio containing Economy, Value and Unlimited packages at less expensive rates beginning from Rs 109 a month onwards. The aforementioned packages are appropriate for different sorts of clients who have distinctive necessities.
  • Free site developer: Free site developer is accessible to clients by which they can plan their sites with no planning or programming learning and into time.
  • Cash back: A 30-day cash back insurance is accessible to all web hosting buys.

MilesWeb VPS Server:

Among all the hosting services, VPS hosting takes the top position because of its flexibility and stability. What makes it unique is the complexity solving ability even with affordable cost. VPS hosting acts as a rescue and a bridge connection between the dedicated server and the shared hosting which is usually fragmented into multiple virtual isolated servers in the normal server. VPS acts as an idea robust service for faster loading of the site, too.

MilesWeb offers two kinds of VPS hosting in India, UK, US and Romania:
  1. Open VZ VPS
  2. KVM VPS
After your VPS hosting becomes active, you can run any script on this server. As an administrator, you will be given access to the VPS database without any limitations. As a cherry on the top, MilesWeb VPS hosting offers you the best-optimized price fulfilling the needs of the customer. The VPS hosting is further divided into OpenVZ VPS, Windows VPS and KVM VPS based on the requirements of the client.

Why should we opt MilesWeb VPS hosting?

  1. Legitimate Billing: MilesWeb offers the moderate virtual server with adaptable billing choices like the month to month, quarterly, semi-every year and every year with no base contracts or tie-ins.
  2. Admin Access: Once your new VPS is up and running, you can introduce and run any application on your server.
  3. Server Monitoring: At MilesWeb, keeping your site up at all times is our obligation. Their experts effectively screen and output the virtual server host hubs and known connections running on them to counteract or minimize the effect of any unanticipated issues.
  4. Affordable Prices: Virtual servers at MilesWeb offers the benefit of having your own first standalone server at shockingly low costs.

MilesWeb VPS Performance:

To give the best to the customers, MilesWeb has started many state-of-art data centers in cities like Nashik, Mumbai, and Indore. By establishing these centers, the company has achieved best uptime and also the loading speed. These data centers are equipped with grade servers, legal infrastructure, enterprise data security, fire protection and cooling etc. In case, if you want to transfer your hosting or domain to any other web hosting service from MilesWeb, it offers you technical support by transferring your scripts and databases making your entire experience friendlier and the transfer, easier.


Now that you’ve gone through the review and also the features offered by MilesWeb, it is open in the air that MilesWeb is your best choice to seek a web hosting service. What makes it stand out among the other companies is the precise uptime, customer-friendly customer service, amazing data security and the affordable pricing. Looking for a web hosting service? You’re just a click away.

Infolinks Publisher & AdShop by Infolinks Review

Are you tired of listening how to make money online and how to monetize your blog?
Are you looking for the best AdSense alternative which can help you to make a decent amount of money out of your blog?
If your answer is yes, and if you want to monetize your blog in the best possible manner then this is a must-read article for you. Here you are going to learn about “Infolinks” ad network which is also known as a Google AdSense alternative.

Earn Money Online

In most of the scenarios, most of blogger or webmasters start their blogs, put some contents, drive traffic and apply for Google AdSense, but it takes a long time to get approved for the AdSense have no absurdity. And most of the time the approval end up as failed. Another thing is that your Google AdSense account can be deactivated anytime without any valid reason or even cut off money from your account which is really frustrating.

Then what to do in such cases? Should we stop blogging and sit quietly? Absolutely NO!

Here comes alternative to AdSense & Adwords and nothing is better than Infolinks.
But before moving ahead let me introduce the new product by Infolinks. Yes, it is AdShop. It is a perfect alternative to Google AdWords or any other advertising network.

AdShop by Infolinks

This is a new product launched by Infolinks which will change the way people advertise. Here you can advertise globally starting from just $1.

All you have to do is, just sign up for the AdShop using this link free and get into the amazing world of ads. Now you can credit your account with some amount and start with the campaign.
Head over to create the campaign and enter the required details.
Head over to create the campaign and enter the required details.
The best thing is they also suggest the bid price for all the countries you are targeting to make it easy for you.
Here is the suggested bid price-

Where you can find the CPC less than this. So if you are trying to start with the campaign, do try AdShop by Infolinks for a better result at less cost.

How Infolinks Works?

Infolinks was started in 2007 and since then they have helped thousands of internet marketers and ad publishers not only to monetize their blogs within text ads but to earn a decent amount of money out of their blogs. Nowadays there are many bloggers who are choosing Infolinks to monetize their blogs because Adsense nowadays has strict TOS’s and nobody knows when it is going to be banned.
Yes, it is true that no pay per click network can beat Adsense but something is better than nothing if you don’t have any Adsense account. Getting approval for Infolinks is very easy, you just need a blog and some contents and some decent traffic. They usually take very less time to get approved for the new publishers account.

Features of Infolinks ad network:

  1. Very fast approval and easy to install by using their official plugin. You can also paste javascript code to get the job done you.
  2. With Infolinks you will get bunch of customization options which will help you to monetize your blog easily, they have many options like single or double underlining ads, you can set the same color for the ads which you are using for the other normal links for your blog posts,
  3. If you target high paying keywords and place Infolinks ads then it will result in more revenues for your blog.
  4. You have the option to turn off or on any Ad on any page of your blog which great.
  5. Infolinks have a 24 hours support team which will help you to solve any problem or answer any account related queries if you have any.
  6. You can also combine and side by side other Ad networks like Google AdSense, Chitika etc. So it is a double bonanza for you.

Payment method for Infolinks:

Infolinks uses payment system for the publishers in all major payment systems like PayPal, Prepaid Master Cards, Payoneer, ACH (For US based publishers) and other. If you are a Paypal or Payoneer user then the minimum amount to receive payment is $50 and if you want to receive your payment via bank transfer and ACH then the minimum amount of withdrawing is $400. In my opinion, it is better if you withdraw money using PayPal or Payoneer because they are fast and you can withdraw money when the total reach at $50 only.

Recent Updates of Ad fronts:

InText Ad

Recently Infolinks have introduced three new ad types named as- InSearch ads, InTag ads, and InFrame ads. So if you are publisher then you have the flexibility to put ads as per your requirements.

Infolinks for Advertisers: AdShop by Infolinks

AdShop is a newly launched ad platform for advertisers. AdShop is a technology driven advertising platform which helps the companies to reach to your business customers.
AdShop allows you to start any campaign just from $25 and the advertising charges are very less compared to what other companies charge.
Also, approval time is very fast and you can start your ad campaign very fast.

How to start with AdShop

You can start with AdShop very easily and it won’t take much time. Follow the below steps and start with your campaign which will help you to get more customers.
  1. Click AdShop Sign Up link and fill the details
  2. Now you will receive an email to verify your account. Verify it and log in to your account. You will be redirected to your AdShop dashboard.
    3.   Fill the campaign details and set your keywords. 

Now you will have to fill the bid for the clicks. Choose it as per your need and location. You can take help of AdShop bid price to set fast.
Once done, proceed with the payment, and you will start with as low as $25.

Your ad will be under review until the time it is approved by the AdShop team. Once approved you will start getting clicks and sales.

Infolinks Referral Program

One of the best advantages of working with Infolinks Ad Network is that you get affiliate commission when someone joins Infolinks through your referral. Whatever amount the person will make in 12 months of joining, you will get 10 percent of it.
So I hope you have liked this review of Infolinks and also learned about a perfect Google AdSense alternative which will help you to monetize your blog. Because nowadays there many ways to monetize your blog and AdSense is not the only option to make money out of your blog.

Thanks for reading, keep visiting us for more updates.

Sign Up for the Infolinks Publisher account free & Earn $500/mo. extra

How to Earn Money Online By Just Shorting URLs?

Heard one of those Make money from home fairytales? Not sure how far they true? Well let me cheer you up, they're true alright, and I'm speaking from experience.

Well, I used to think you need a degree in marketing and SEO to make money online. I was so damn wrong no doubt to that. Seems, the internet has too much of money and it would let you have it for doing something as unimportant as "shortening URL's".

Well, not "unimportant" exactly, because shortening URL's has a lot of benefits. And I'm talking about in this piece, the URL shortening platform that pays you insane cash just for using their platform!

Well, "why would you want to shorten your URL's"? First of all, you use URL's all day long, on your social media, E-mails and every other place so yeah shortening them isn't harming you anyway.

But Yeah a good question, so let me answer it.

More Links - Less Space

If you ever need to fit in more then one links somewhere, and the character count is limited, well on your rescue. (And it pays you in the process!)

Hide Primary Links

 Don't want your main links exposed on the internet? Well let's make something like that's cool, huh? No one but the clickers get to know what lies behind that link. (and you again get paid in the process!)

Less Spammy Look

Promoting a product? Trust me you're going to be nailed down if you as much as try using something like :-! No one would ever click the link. But let's mask it again, it has proven to increase CTR and thus more sales for you. (Ofcourse you're going to get paid even for the clicks!)

So see? Those were the most basic, and important reasons why you should consider shortening your URL's. Want one more? Shortening URL's makes you rich! How's that? is a platform that pays you for shortening your URL's using it. You Signup at (which is free and needs couple seconds), you use the Shorten URL bar at the top , You spread the URL, you get clicks and thus get paid!

Why And not Any Other Platform?

Yeah there are more companies then just who let you shorten your URL's, but the reason I'm speaking boldly for this one platform is:-

Super High Payouts

Well pays you one of the highest commissions in the industry for shortening URL's. Which can go as high as $2 per click, or $10.80+/1000 impressions!

Advanced Features

What I love most about is the control I have on my sites. Well it has this awesome Exit Intent feature, which let's me monetize my BOUNCE RATE!

Meaning, the ads pop up everytime a user tried to leave! Wow that's like next level marketing isn't it?

Another awesome feature from is it's full website script! All I have to do is Copy-paste the script to my site, and after that every visitor that arrives on my site starts making money for me!

Full Fledged Statistics page that let's me know how my links are performing, which strategy exactly is making me more money and how much have I earned! So see? They've kept things professional and the user -interface too is extremely friendly.


Well, it even allows me to control when exactly the ads should pop up. I've set it to "Second time the user is on the site", so that helps me keep my "don't frustrate the visitor" thing up, and at the same time increase my CTR because it's loading the second, and not the first time someone new is on my blog.


Well even without shortening URL's, you can net off $100-200 easily every month just by referring people.

You refer someone and will keep paying you 20% of whatever they make for the rest of your life! That's like super awesome! So what are you waiting for? Go along and Signup at right now!

Final Words:- is so feature overloaded that it's not possible for me to write down every single one of it! So yeah I'd say if you're not a billionaire yet (well no won't make you one, I'm just being honest and practical) then you definitely need extra cash.

And makes that happen for you. It has advanced tools and features and high commission rates and everything. So don't just sit back, go Signup at right now. What harm can it do to try it once?
Signup is 100% free!

How to Edit Photos With Movavi Photo Studio For Internet Marketing

Movavi Photo Studio

Using photos as part of internet marketing is fairly common – regardless of whether it is to promote a product, service, special offer or something else entirely. However, many internet marketers often stumble when it comes to the quality and appearance of the photos that they use – especially seeing as they don’t have a background in photography or photo editing.

It goes without saying that when you use photos as part of your internet marketing you’ll want them to look good considering the fact that they will have a huge impact on your success. To that end, you need to be able to edit your photos so that you can improve their quality, alter the frame and composition, and also maybe stylize them to make them stand out.

Even if you have never attempted to edit photos in the past, with Movavi Photo Studio you’ll find that it really isn’t that hard to do. The entirety of this photo editing software is designed to make it easy for anyone to edit their photos in much the same way that professionals do – which is what makes it so perfect.

Using Movavi Photo Studio, you will be able to edit your photos and:

  • Improve the overall quality of the photos by manually adjusting the color settings or using the ‘Magic Enhance’ feature to do so automatically. 
  • Correct any common issues such as out of focus and blurry or pixelated images. 
  • Apply various unique filters such as lomo, black and white, sepia, oil painting or acid to transform the visual appearance of the photo. 
  • Add text and customize its appearance to create unique captions, watermarks, or titles. 
  • Remove any unnecessary objects and other elements from the photo without a trace. 
  • Erase the entire background of your photo and leave it transparent or replace it with a new image. 
  • Transform the frame and orientation of the photo by rotating, cropping, leveling, flipping or re-sizing it. 
As an added bonus, you could even use Movavi Photo Studio to create unique video slideshows out of your photos - complete with background music and stylish animated transitions. Having the option to create these videos may come in handy, particularly if you want to use social media or video sharing platforms as part of your internet marketing strategy. Go ahead and try it out to experience how easy it is firsthand.

Boost The Likes You Receive on Roposo by Implying These Suggestions

Boost Your Likes

When it comes to fashion social network,When it comes to fashion social network, the leading name on the internet that comes to mind is Roposo; undoubtedly, one of the better fashion savvy sites to grace the fashion world by surprise. 

Roposo is all you could imagine that relates to fashion. 
  • Active community that partakes in listing current trends 
  • Inspiring new posts created to assist new users in understanding the world of glitter better 
  • Deals and offers on apparel regularly updated to help you with your savings 
  • Gives a platform for women and young ladies to express themselves by speaking about fashion, beauty tips for fairness, and celebrating femininity 
  • Helps fashion designers gain feedback by showcasing their apparel directly on Roposo

What makes Roposo Different from other Fashion Sites? 

Good question. Firstly, Roposo strives to be unparalleled in the sense of offering the entirety of fashion options under one ceiling to the vogue starved ladies. Secondly, Roposo’s community is passionate enough to attract celebrities from all walks of life to post their styles and designs from their very own wardrobe. Finally, Roposo has an enormous collection of brands and web-stores to judge from, and that would make any mistress of glamor go weak in the knees. 

Your Very First Post but not Enough Likes? 

So you have taken the time to conceive a delightful post on the topic of wedding gowns. You then proceed to come back and hour after hour to check the likes count, but somehow it’s insufficient. It’s quite natural to feel let down when you invest your heart and soul into making a post that according to you should have been in the spotlight. But what went wrong? These are some of the questions that every new user on Roposo faces. 

More often than not it isn’t your Content That’s Failing 

Exceedingly, new users don’t realize this but the secret to online success for any social platform is Patience! It is not too different with Roposo. The golden secret of acquiring people’s attention is to understand the concept of utilizing the right approach to attract people. Remember that Rome wasn’t built over the course of a single night. 

Fascinate your readers with Distinct and Excellent Posts 

On a fashion network such as Roposo, it’s critical to post relevant knowledge involving fashion and not deviate from the material. Users have a limited attention span, so utilize the time at hand and attempt to come up with interesting headers that will entice the user to stay back and read further. This requires lots of practice; Hence patience is of great importance if you wish to become a prominent figure among the glamorous community. 

DIY make for Terrific Posts that Intrigue the Community 

Do It Yourself or DIY makes for trendy posts. You can incorporate tips on hair styling has done distinctively, how to remove wrinkles from garments, wearing dresses in various styles. Fashionistas are always on the hunt of new and different trends and if your post contains a creative element that strikes off as appealing, then expect a considerable surge of likes. 

Pictures speak Louder than words in Roposo

Apparently, the more exquisite the pictures, the more the community will be engaged in skimming through your post. Always upload striking and high-quality images sufficient enough to captivate the user into clicking your post. Combine this with a quality post on Roposo and you will have the likes flooding in from all corners of the globe. 

Share with Friends and other Social Media Platforms 

Get the word out into the open, and the more eyes that notice, the more likely your posts get to be liked by people. Utilize Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. to promote your posts, ask your friends to check out your posts and leave feedback/comments. It is crucial to understand that sharing is a form of advertising that does not cost a penny other than an effort to accomplish. 

Enlist the help of well-known figures within Roposo

A celebrity or a prominent figure within the community could do wonders by attracting a massive amount of users to your post if they were to publish your post. It is a good idea to follow, like, and comment on many distinguished members within Roposo to help you reach your goals faster. The more people that come by your post, the more likely you get likes. 

Expect little traffic during early days and Never Give Up! 

If you have followed all the listed methods and still find yourself without the necessary amount of likes, then continue writing more and more posts until you get noticed eventually. Sometimes all it takes is composure and perseverance to get through the initial phase and within the time, you will likely strike gold. Remember it takes just a few quality posts to get popular and you might just be closer than you know it in attaining your goal.

An Android App That Controls Appliances at your Home

Home Automation App

An Android platform is the most popular one in controlling the home appliances and giving the best results in any home automation system. Android has simplified many things for the users as they can access anything with just single touch of a button. Home automation system is slowly and gradually becoming popular among house owners and android is one such platform which is easily compatible with it for giving efficient and reliable results. There are many apps in the play store capable enough to handle one single home automation system or various other devices even.

Home automation is rapidly becoming the next mega thing in the market and after seeing its popularity and results many people will think of having such a thing for their home as well. You have to be sure of choosing the right app for your system because not all apps are designed to support the home automation appliances. Here we will tell you the most reliable apps in Android which are useful and compatible with home automation system.

Insteon Starter Kit

Insteon home automation kit can be purchased from the reliable service provider and it is available with everything that you need to control automatically in your homes. With the help of your smart phone and tablet it can schedule two lamps at least. The complete Insteon network can be controlled by Insteon hub from your smart phone or tablet. All the Insteon devices included with this kit are very reliable and popular because of their simplicity.

Features of Insteon Starter Kit

Remote Control features:

It helps in controlling lights and appliances by just one touch of a button. From the basic control settings to advanced remote control settings, all can be done through your smart phone and tablets. The remote control features have helped in saving our time and making our lives simpler and convenient.

Automatic control with schedules:

You can make your schedules for various things throughout the day like lighting features, water flow alerts, and window shading features and many other things through your smart phones only. This is a very smart technique of saving the energy and other resources.

Helps in building scenes:

It helps in controlling multiple devices simultaneously by easily and quickly creating scenes. The customization of various features like on level and ramp rate can be done easily. This is a very important feature in this Insteon starter kit.

Immediate alerts:

By installing this app quick alerts can be sent to your smart phone if something wrong happens in your home. The motion sensors, surveillance cameras together helps in sensing something fishy going in home and sends immediate alerts to the smart phone of the house owner which helps in minimizing the adverse effects of that situation. For security issues, this feature is of great help for any user.

Camera Integration: 

The Insteon smart cameras work with Wi-Fi and help you in giving some relaxed moments of life in your absence from home. You can even tilt and pan the contents of camera directly from your smart phone. This is a great feature as it will allow you in covering every single angle of your house.

No additional monthly fees:

It is an added advantage for all the smart home users as this starter kit will not charge you again and again like various other apps and kits charge regularly every month. It is a onetime investment and you can enjoy every single benefit out of it. It is available under $120 for the first time and after that you don’t need to pay any single penny for availing its services again and again.

Final Say

The Android system has take over the smart home technology very brilliantly. It has provided its customers ample options for smart home automation. It provides the wireless access to your home appliances and devices with single touch through smart phones. The Insteon hub works in combination with smart phones and routers for communication between the devices. It will work according to your inputs and will give you desired results through that process. The Insteon starter kit is the must use kit for smart home automation process.

Best 5 Ways To Get A Flat Belly

A well-shaped body is everyone’s dream. People take a lot of effort and even spend a lot of money to maintain well in shape. A lot of medical and natural ways are followed globally by fitness experts to help people to lose their weight and also to get a flat belly. Women run behind accessible modalities and tips to reduce their tummy to get into a good shape so that they can wear their favorite apparel like a dress or a mini-skirt!

Whatever it be, staying fit and healthy, with hardly any fat in your body is everyone’s dream. A lot of efforts are taken up by people to get a flat belly, which frequently shows off an awkward posture especially when you get clicked! So, how can you reduce it? What are the easiest yet simple steps to maintain your body shape and get a flat belly? Check out best 10 ten ways to get a flat stomach…

Eat These! 

Now, it has been seen that people avoid eating high-calorie foods that they think can increase their weight and make them look fat. Some also follow strict diet by eating only once a day! All these do not help you to get a flat belly. Instead, it will weaken your body badly. Eat almonds, cucumbers, watermelons, apricots, apples, etc. when you feel hungry. They contain more fiber and make you feel full as well and hardly have any carb count. So snatch a handful of them during breaks for a flat belly.


What’s so new in that? You must be probably thinking the same. The fact is that people depend on gym and weight loss dance classes for a particular time, and once they get back to the shape they had intended, they stop. It is a bad thing. It is always good and easy to follow simple yet relevant exercises at home if you have enough time to practice them. Follow each of them step by step and that too at a slow pace and you can increase the speed once you get the hang of it rather than stressing out yourself.

You can try out making your gym at home. Buy any machine needed to get you a flat belly online. You can also buy music player online that will make your workout more of fun and energy. Buy Amazon music CDs and players online at affordable rates using Amazon coupons and Amazon promo codes.

Drink A Lot!

Do not take me wrong reading this title. It refers to the intake of water in a large volume. Every human body is comprised of 75% water. And the elasticity of your skin, its glow and also the metabolism and every activity for the wellness of your body relates to the amount of water content in your body. So, it is good to drink a lot of water so that it keeps your body fit and fine and burns the calories to give you the right shape.

Use Tummy Tucker Belts!

Now, this implies to those females who find it tough to wear their favorite dress. Tummy tuckers slim belts are available in every store both online and offline. These can be worn inside your outfits which can apparently help you to tuck inside your bulged out belly, making it slightly smoother and finer. It helps in reducing the fat accumulated in that area and burns the excess calories, making that area to sweat. It can help you to reduce your belly to an extent.

Tummy Tucker belts can be bought cheaper online. Look for Zivame body shaper that can get you in the right shape by helping you to burn out the excess fat accumulated on your belly. 

Get Your Favorite Activity To Lose Weight

Each one of us loves to do something or the other as a sportive act. It can be dancing, sports or even gymnastics. Pick your choice and try it. It can not only make you feel happy because you do something that finds your interest, but it also helps in burning down the carbs and excess fat in your body.

Buy any product that can assist you with getting you lose your belly fat. If you want to purchase a Zumba music CD for losing your belly fat, or even you want to buy a new pair of shoes to start your jogging, check out Flipkart. Flipkart online shopping will get your products cheaper.

So, breathe in and out, make out your decision to get that flat belly for you by following these simple steps. It is not that hard guys. Make sure that you follow them consistently and never stop. And why should you stop if you love your body and your flat tummy?

How To Remove Negative Search Results From Google

Hey, Guys I am sure, you read this post on my second blog before but due to some reason, I take that blog down. But I don't want to take the post down, so I am just sharing this here.

Remove Negative Search Results From Google

Guys do you know, how important a strong online reputation is? The Internet is the backbone of an organization and if it is not good then how can it stands up. If we see the search stat about online reputation management then we got that there is a huge search volume for the keywords like “How to remove negative search results”, “online reputation management tips”, “how to push negative search results down”, “online reputation repair” and many more related to managing internet reputation.

So before, I proceed further, we all need to know about the Online reputation management.


What do you think about it? I know some people thinks, it’s their image on the social media network. But I would like to say that it’s your online entity that describes you and about your products, how qualitative they are.

The Reputation of a social entity (a person, a social group, an organization) is an opinion about that entity, typically a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria. It is necessary for business, education, online communities, and many other fields
. __ Wikipedia
So I don’t think I need to describe more about the reputation on the internet. It is all about your social assets or online image, no matter how’s it. It can be bad or good. You have the responsibility to manage that one.

So do you know, how bad image or bad reputation can damage you and your business?Or how much important a good name for you?



As I described above that online branding is the key to success, and if you don’t have good branding or brand reputation online then you can lose your product sales or leads. Here I am going to share a stat that will prove why you should care about your reputation on the internet.


Let me explain you, if someone write negative about your product or brand, people will trust on that negative post, not on your branding. A single negative post can damage your brand value. So it is important to track all these things and fix them on the time.


Yes, it is true. Everyone do this. If you are going to buy a web hosting online, you will surely check its reviews or what people are recommending after using it. Same will happen with your product.


100% verified point. I am taking same web hosting example. If you would want to buy an affordable web hosting for yourself, you will research more about the hosting provider. You will check out its reviews on another blog and much more. So for your product, you need to manage all these.


This is also a valid point. Till now we were talking on the business end. But what will happen if someone write negatively about yourself? This usually happens when you are on the senior level. A bad reputation can lead down your job application from a well-reputed firm or your dream company.

So all these points are enough to make you clear that why you need a strong online reputation.

So what you have to do if some post posted negative reviews about yourself or your brand or organization. Don’t be panic. Handle them with a well-organized ORM technique. You have to Kill two birds with one Stone. Tweet: Kill two birds with one stone. @semnaveenkumar[Click To Tweet] You have to prove this proverb true while someone posted negative reviews about you or your product and made a strong reputation by push down the negative results on the 3rd or 4th page of the Google results. Because…

The 2nd Page of the Google is the best place to hide a dead body. Tweet: The 2nd Page of the Google is the best place to hide a dead body. @semnaveenkumar[Click To Tweet]

Remove Negative results from Google
Push Negative Result to 2nd Page
But the question remains that how to remove negative information from the internet and manage a strong online reputation.


If we see in the past, there is no much value of internet reputation because no one care what’s is going about you or your brand on the internet. But in today's, online reputation must necessary. Everyone do a deep research about the product before they go to buy. People always like to leave a feedback about product or service. And if anyone leave a negative review or write negative about your brand or product, it can lose your sales. The two ways can damage your online reputation.
First, one is complaining about social media. People mostly update their status with their feedback about the product. But this is not a big issue, these types of content can easily trace and deleted.

The second one is “Online reputation bomb” (Term from Kissmetrics). This can damage your reputation on the high level which effects your sales for the long term. These results mostly appear in the Google search results.
They are:
  • Negative reviews: There are many review website available on the internet which allow the customer to review any brand or product with their experience with the product and services. If someone post negative content about your brand, it will effect your brand reputation for sure. There are some websites like Ripoff Reports, Pissed Consumer that provide the best platform for this kind of negative content. 
  • Hate sites: Some more frustrated customer go beyond from negative reviews and develop a website with some false information or their opinions about the service or company. It can damage the brand reputation of any business.
  • Negative Media Coverage: I don’t think there is anyone who doesn't want publicity. But Phineas T. Barnum says, 
There’s no such thing as bad publicity Tweet: There’s no such thing as bad publicity.@semnaveenkumar[Click To Tweet]

So always try to avoid controversies and negative media coverage if you want to build a perfect reputation on the internet.

Online Reputation Management Tips
Online Reputation Management Tips
But, there are lots of ways to remove negative reviews from search engine results and build your strong image among the online community. Here I am going to list some of these ways.


Yes, treat the first page of Google as your business card. 90% of people just check the first page of Google and never click on the next page. They believe only what they see on the first page. So you need to push negative results to the second or third page by boosting your positive results on the first page of Google. For this, you should have the knowledge of aggressive SEO techniques. Perfect SEO can push negative results down from Google’s first page. You should hire a best ORM Expert or Online reputation management company to do this for you. Because technically it is not possible to remove the name from Google, but an ORM expert would use various SEO Strategies to bounce back your negative results pages.


Always remember, content is king in the era of the internet. And content can do anything for you. Negative content can damage your brand while positive content can build your brand reputation among the online community. So creating positive content around the product or negative keyword is the perfect way to counter negative results on search engine.


Social Media website is the high authority website. These usually appear in the search result pages when anyone search for your name or brand. I would recommend you to create the account and build them strong as much as you can. Increase reach on social media profile which will help you to build the high reputation. I will recommend you to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google+, Formspring.Me, Foursquare, About.Me, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Photobucket, Quora, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Plixi, Yahoo Pulse, Flickr


You can request to the website owner to remove content that is located on his website. Or ask him to block that page from google search results. When website owner updates his page or remove the content, you can also request to remove that page from search results through Google webmaster removal tool. Here is how.

1. Access Google’s public removal tool

2. Choose “New removal request.”

3. Enter the URL of the page you’d like removed from Google.

4. Now follow the instructions and steps in the wizard view.


You need to monitor what’s going on online communities about your product. Most of the people ask for feedbacks and recommendations on your brand or product. Be active there to help them. It will increase your reputation and can increase your sale. Google Alert, mentions, etc. are the best web monitoring tool. You can get alert where you or your brand has been mentioned.


It is also a well-working technique to improve your reputation online. If someone complain or leave negative feedback, you should respond him. Here, I am going to share some responding to bad reviews tips:
  • Apologize for the bad experience
  • Never accuse the reviewer of being wrong or exaggerating
  • Offer to discuss by phone to resolve the situation
  • Explain the steps you’ve taken to address the situation


Mostly customer checks the reviews before buying any service or product. So ask your client to leave feedback after using your services. It will increase the amount of your review and overall rating. I would like to recommend you that avoid to use of fake review services because your customer is smarter than you. You can get caught easily.


So now I am going to close this topic for now. Will write more about online reputation management and guides to push negative search results from Google. Hope you have enjoyed this article.

I would like to hear from you about ORM. Please add some more points to your comment section.

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JD New Jersey – Responsive Free Multipurpose Joomla Template

Today, I am reviewing another Joomla Template on my blog. If you missed my last Forc1 Joomla Template by JM-Expert, do check it. It was a clean and responsive template available for free to use commercial purpose and non-commercial purpose.

Now, let’s begin with JD New Jersey Template.

JD New Jersey is another Joomla template added by JoomDev Software Solutions P. Ltd. In their template collection after launching JD New York Free Responsive Joomla Template. You can also find JD New York on their official website.

JD New Jersey is a multipurpose free Joomla template, which can be used for your business or services website. Or it can be used for setting up an online store using Hikashop or Virtuemart. You can set up an event organizing calendar with Jevents extension, and if you want to setup a discussion forum on your website, Kunena Forum is already available in this template.
So you are getting countless features without paying any penny.

There is more than 20 content section on template home page, and each and every content section is designed so beautifully and professionally. You can say that this template is filled with only features.

The most important thing is that it is so easy to customize and install on your website. There is very less coding you need to do otherwise you just need to fill your information in the backend, and you will get the same results.

The template starts with its logo and contact information with the physical address in the top header and then the 2nd section is for menus and search option.
The menus are so attractive. They are providing, Mega menu and Dropdown menu and split menu.

The 3rd section is for Slider with the call to action button. You just need to add your images and button links to make use this beautiful slider. After slider, you can put a motivational quote or what you want.

The most loved section of this template is its services section. There are Tab for primary services, and then you can add sub-services under the particular tab. 
Note: It is free for Commercial and Non-Commercial use. 
I think, I can’t describe the awesomeness of JD New Jersey, you should check out its Demo

Let’s discuss its features.

Characteristics of JD New Jersey – Joomla Template

Built on Gantry Framework

Gantry is an awesome framework to build a professional Joomla website which is highly customizable and easy to use. JD New Jersey is built on Gantry 4 framework which is totally user-friendly. You can use this template event if you are not a Joomla expert.

Fully Mobile Friendly Template

Mobile friendly designs are most important for SEO and user experience. So if you are using JD New Jersey template for your business website, you are giving an immense user readability and experience from all type of screen.

Effective Menus

The menu is the main attractive part of any website. So this free template comes with beautiful and professional Menu styles. You can experience Drop down menu, Mega Menus and Split Menu with JD New Jersey Template.

More Than 20 Content Sections

There are more than 20 content sections on Homepage to display your business details in a beautiful way. You can add Slider, Quotes, Twitter Tweet Slider, Testimonial, Team, Services in a tabular form, Fun fact, Gallery, Social Media follow button, Contact form and blog all on the home page. Don’t worry, if you want to remove any content section, you can remove it easily from the backend of your Joomla site.

Pricing Table

Yes, Joomla template designer from JoomDev designed a beautiful pricing table to display pricing table to your reader. This will help you to sell your quick services with your features and prices. This table is designed using CSS3 and HTML5.


Blogs are important to update your website with fresh content and engage more readers on your site. You can experience a professionally designed blog with various template layouts. You can use Single Column, Two column, single item and per user blog design.

Responsive Photo Gallery

You can display photo gallery on your website’s homepage. JD New Jersey is providing a beautifully designed photo gallery to showcase your sweet glimpse. Most important, it is entirely responsive to all kind of screens.

Wow Effects

Effects make any template so beautiful. You can experience Wow CSS effects in this Free Joomla Template.

Customized Tabs

JD New Jersey template is using Nonumber extension to add tabs in the template. You can experience amazing tabs section where you can showcase your services. Have a look at the image.


  • Awesome Font Icons.
  • Nextend Smart Slider for the main slider
  • Skill set extension is used for displaying fun facts and skills
  • SPtwitter is used for displaying latest tweet from your twitter account.
  • Chronoform is used to collect queries and feedback.

In-built Third Party Extension

JD New Jersey is fully supporting third party extensions. Template designer included 5 customized third-party extension which you can use for your use. These are Kunena Forum, K2, Jevents, HikaShop, and Virtuemart.

Wrapping Up…

At last, I just would like to say that it is worth downloading and using it for your website. No one can give you this type of Joomla template for free.