Wow! Turn Your Small Blog Into A Big Business By Reading This Guide

Blogging is seen as nothing more than a little hobby for many people. However, with the right plan you can turn a small blog into a big business. I know you’ve clicked this article because you’re interested in doing just that, right? Well, here are some tips to help you on your way to greatness:

Establish A Loyal Audience

If you want to transform your blog into a business, then you need a loyal audience. Loyal is the key word here, as you need to get regular views every day. Getting 1,000 viewers on your blog each day without fail is better than getting 10,000 one day and then 500 every other. Anyone can come up with a viral article that attracts thousands of visitors, but the trick is making your audience come back for more. When you have a loyal audience, that's when you can make the most out of your advertising revenue. You’ll start earning consistent money and can use that to expand your blog and make it even better.

The main question to ask is how do you establish a loyal audience? Firstly, think about the content your blog puts out. It has to be regular, it has to be high-quality, and it needs to follow a theme. Blog about a bunch of random things, and you won’t get loyal readers. You must find your niche and then create articles that fit into it. For example, start a blog about business and write tips and tricks about business, marketing, etc. This way, you appeal to a target audience, and it’s much easier to get loyal readers. Another thing you should do is try and interact with your audience. Be active on social media and set up a comments section under each article to encourage discussion. If you can create a community within your blog, then you’ll have a better chance at finding a loyal audience.

Invest Your Revenue In Things That Improve Your Blog

Once you’ve got your loyal audience, the money will start coming in regularly. Now, you can start investing this cash in things that will make your blog even better. Invest in stuff that turns a personal blog into something more professional. Think about the web design of your blog for starters. Can you improve it by paying someone to completely revamp the site? In a lot of cases, the answer will be yes, and you’ll be amazed at how a complete design refresh can change a blog. Similarly, what about your hosting provider? A lot of people start their blogs for free and don’t put any money into them. You get a free host server which is public and shared by many other blogs. But, invest in something private, and you can have a more stable server. It reduces the chances of your website going down and can speed up loading times.

Then, think about things that help you personally. Perhaps a new keyboard that makes it more comfortable to type? Or, you want to invest in office space to give yourself a more productive atmosphere. Blogging from home is easy, but, it can sometimes hold you back. Especially if you have ambitions of turning your blog into a big business. As you invest your money you improve your blog and it starts to grow even more.

Hire Additional Writers To Produce More Content

To grow your blog you need to start bringing more hands on deck. This means you should hire some new writers to bring out more content on a regular basis. When you write everything yourself, you can probably pump out an article per day if you’re on the ball. At the very least you will manage two or three per week. But, bring in a few more writers, and you can guarantee your readers will see new content every single day. Sometimes, they might get more than one new article each day too! That’s the key to making your blog a success, it all lies in the content. Produce quality, new, content, and you’ll see your readership increase.

You have two options when it comes to hiring additional writers. Firstly, you can hire them on a permanent basis and give them a set wage and employment package. The benefit of this is that you save money by only paying them per article. It’s cost effective, but the danger is that they can leave at any time without having to give you much notice. My advice is to bring in a human resources consultancy firm when you hire new writers. They can help deal with all the additional baggage new employees bring. This includes managing their holiday days and drawing up the freelance contracts. Basically, they help manage your staff so you can focus on the things that you’re best at. You can grow your blog, and your outsources HR team will deal with the new writers.

Promote Your Blog As Much As Possible

Finally, the key to turning your blog into a business is to promote it. Promotion will help you expand your loyal audience and get recognized by more people. A solid marketing strategy can make your blog a household name across the country. The more recognition you get, the more money you’ll make. To start, you’ll earn more revenue from adverts. Secondly, you’ll get noticed by companies who spot how popular your blog is. This opens the door for sponsorship and affiliate marketing opportunities.

There are many ways you can promote your blog as effectively as possible. When you’re just starting out, you can deal with things like SEO and social media yourself. Also, the content of your blog is an important marketing tool. Many successful bloggers have said they marketed their blog purely by promoting their great content. As you grow, you should hire marketing agencies to help you get your blog out there.

With these tips, you’re ready to turn your small blog into a big business. Start earning money and make the most out of your hobby.

The Best Bosses Are All About Respect

Regardless of whether you share an office or you’re using remote workers across the world, your business won’t be able to run effectively if you’re not using them to their fullest potential. To that end, however, you have to view them as more as tools. You have to see that your relationship to them is more than cash-for-trade. You have to show that value goes both ways and help them get the best out of themselves, too.

Know your responsibilities

If you want respect from your employees, you better believe that you have to give respect back. Respect is about more than courtesy, too. It’s about being fully aware of your responsibility to them as an employer. There are proper ways that a boss has to go about several of their duties as an employer. Taking a cavalier attitude to employment law, to discipline and especially to termination is a dangerous prospect. Consider looking into things like HR training to ensure that you’re acting responsibly when dealing with employees. With the right training, put a proper code of conduct into place so you’re never dealing with your responsibilities off-the-wall.

Recognize their importance

Respect is also about showing employees that your relationship with them is just as beneficial to you as it is to them. As Radhakrishnan Pilai states, your team is one of the Seven Pillars of Your Business. So don’t undervalue them in private or in public. Be fully aware of their needs, whether it’s for flexibility or for help. You might not always be able to help them, but if they know you’re addressing their issues, they will appreciate it. This will make them all the easier to retain. Retaining employees is a lot more cost effective than having to replace them. How often can you pay for the employment process and for training new people before it becomes a serious drain on your finances? Few businesses can survive by treating their employees as disposable.

See their potential

Getting the best out of a member of your team has obvious benefits for the both of you. For you, you’re building a potential leader than help you deal with some of the responsibilities of running a business. For them, you’re contributing directly to the path of their career. You’re making their position all the more valuable because of the opportunities that it offers. Which, again, makes you a lot more likely to retain them. Whilst you should offer development opportunities to everyone, it’s a good idea to spend more one-to-one time with employees to spot those with the highest potential. After all, the highest performers aren’t always the ones with the most potential. Acting as a mentor could give you the chance to get closer with them and see who could really be tomorrow’s leaders.

Ensure their engagement

A member of the team who isn’t engaged isn’t likely to be pulling their weight. If they only see their job as a series of tasks to be fulfilled, they don’t have much reason to care. Adding additional benefits or flexibility to their job can improve their morale and add more incentive. But the best way to get people engaged is to help them see the value in the job that they do. You can do that by communicating with them how their job fits with the strategic objectives of the business. By helping them realise how they make a difference, you could start to see an instant improvement in their engagement.

Dole out the praise

Value shouldn’t only be fixed to their duties. You should show that you value the person themselves. Praising your staff might seem obvious, but there are a lot of managers who neglect to recognise even when someone has gone above and beyond the line of duty. The single worst thing you can do is to take the credit for the work they have done. This sets a very bad example and only makes it more likely that people won’t be as keen to give a little extra effort to their own work. On the flip side, you should also avoid putting all the blame on your team when something goes wrong. As a leader, you are the one with the responsibility. Keep it that way.

Managing people can be a tricky affair. There will be disputes, there will be productivity problems and there will be personal disagreements. But the tips above should help you navigate the many challenges of being a leader. Be direct, be decisive and have a keen eye. Recognise and direct your team.

How To Block lifehacĸ Referral Spam

Before a few months back I have written a detailed article on Referral Spam and How to Exclude it from Google Analytics Report.

So let me tell you, that if you counter any referral spam in your Google analytic report, don't be panic and calm down.

These are totally harmless bots and does not harm your website ranking and SEO.

Yesterday, I saw that I am getting traffic from Lifehacker site, but when I researched that where LifeHacker linked my site, I could not found anything. But after a little bit research, I found that lifehacĸ is not They are using the special character in the URL. So it was understood that these are referral spams.

If you are not sure that you that you are getting Referral Spam traffic data check out this article. It contains everything about how to find Referral Spam in your Google analytics.

So if you are getting referral traffic from,, etc. websites, consider it as referral spam. There are many other websites like these, so you need to check your analytic report very carefully.

Why they are Spamming your Google Analytic Report?

So when these bots are totally harmless for your website and its SEO then why these are spamming you. There are few reasons that why they manipulate your reports.
  • They want to seek your attention toward them. 
  • They want people search about them on Google or visit their website. 
  • They want to promote a web page. 

What are the Downsides of This Spam

As I told you that these are the totally harmless bots those can't affect your website. But there a few downside of these.
  • These bots manipulate your analytic data which can make it harder to analyze your analytic report. And if you want to make any decision on the basis your analytic stat, it can not be accurate. 
  • The another downside is that it increases the bounce rate stat of your websites because bot came on your site and went in a few from your site. So it will be harder to know the actual bounce rate of your site. 

How to Block Referral Spam like "lifehacĸ"

It is not a tough job to block referral spam like "lifehacĸ", "", "", "Secret.ɢ" etc. You just need to exclude it from your analytic report. Follow the steps to block these spam bots from your analytic report.
  • Login to your Google Analytic and go to Admin Section
  • Under the Account Section you will see All Filter Option, just click on that. 
  • Now create a new filter, Name it and proceed to next option Field Type. 
  • Choose Custom tab. When you click on Custom, it will expand to below. 
  • Now click on Exclude radio button and choose Filter Field "Campaign Source" from the drop-down. 
  • Paste all the spam URLs, you want to block in "Filter Pattern." For example, I want to block lifehacĸ" and"" I will paste it like lifehacĸ| Do not use space between the URLs, use | (Symbol) to separate the URLs 
  • At last, click on save, and you are done. 
By this way, you can add as much Spam referral URLs as you want in your Google analytics.

How to Maximize Your Engagement on Google+

Without a doubt, Google+ is an ideal and powerful social media platform for new entrepreneurs, businesses, and freelancers for promoting their products, services, and brands. Of late, I’ve been hearing issues concerning maximizing engagement on the Google+.

Considering that, I am going to share my tips that can help in resolving the most common challenge that most of the people go through.

Before moving forward, I would like to tell you, Google+ will not only help you engage users as a Social Media Platform, but it plays a very important role in the Google search ranking.

If you are engaging your users on your G+ page, this means your products or services will have more chance of ranking high and eventually you get more traffic.

We do all the social media engagements to get traffic to our website, and no other search engine brings more traffic than G+.

Here are some quick tips to step up your engagement on Google+ and get popular in less time.

Hashtag your post

#Hashtags works great with Google+, so if you are posting something make it a thumb rule to post it with hashtags. Hashtags help in making your post searchable, and people can easily relate to the topic they are searching for.

Add a personal touch to messages

While you’re sharing anything on Google+, it’s important to add a personal touch to your new post or update. You can add statistical data to arouse readers’ interest or add hashtags to the common keywords. You can also highlight the text by doing a little bit of formatting and write in bold or italics to grab the reader’s attention.

Continually share your feedback

By adding comments to other people’s posts will invariably give you a value-added advantage as there are chances they can connect with you or follow you.

Share quality images to get quick shares

Images that you share via Google+ has to be eye-catching so that a reader or any of your follower couldn’t resist commenting or sharing it further with its followers.

Choose whom you add in a circle

It’s important for you to be selective as to whom you want to add in your circle. By doing so, you’ll be able to connect and get valuable feeds on your home screen.
Having a good feed on your homepage will help you engage with the real stuff, and this will make you grow faster. It’s best to drive engagement by sharing your genuine feedback. It can be a question, a tip, or add your views.

Stay active on G+

If you think you can maximize engagement by staying inactive for days and expecting profits in turn, then it’s not going to work for you. For utilizing this social medium to its maximum potential, it's paramount to be active on Google+.

Add people to your circle, follow people or communities, and interact with individuals or share your useful feedback. This way, they'll be able to know you better.

Just, in case, you’re popularizing your brand’s products and services, it’s imperative to share relevant content by asking questions, suggestions or advice.

Keep calm, don’t lose hope!

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get any feedback quickly. The tip is never to give up and just be super active on Google+.

Just like other social media platforms, Google+ can maximize your engagement, but you have to be patient and consistent at the same time too. Keep sharing interesting stuff, follow people with same interests and continue to building your network.

The more your participate, the better results you’ll get in return. But you have to be persistent in your efforts and keep expectations aside for a while.

Always update G+ profile

Most of the people get sluggish when it comes to updating their G+ profile, it’s important to keep updating it from time to time so that people get to know more about you.

Ask, ask, ask!

It’s always good to ask questions. Ensure that your question regarding a problem, or if you’re stuck between choosing the right option or get feedback, it’s good to ask questions and people’s viewpoint on a particular thing. By doing so, you can eventually maximize engagement on G+

Wrapping Up

I’m still not done yet. If you’re new to G+, here’s how to use Google Plus and learn unique ways to utilize this evolving social platform to its full potential and promote your brand successfully.

About The Guest Author

Danish Wadhwa is Digital Marketing & Branding Pro, who is helping startup and business for sales conversion optimization. His drive, passion, and analytical mind enabled his successful foray into the arena of Marketing & Sales Automation. Follow Danish on Facebook

JD Boston - Another Free Joomla 3.6 Template

JD Boston is a clean & feature rich Creative Multipurpose joomla 3.x template. It is highly recommended for any kind of Agency, Studio, Corporate, Business websites. This template comes with Virtuemart integration which enables you to setup an online shop and sell your products. With the help of this Joomla Template, you can showcase your work, team and much more. Its flexible layout and clean code allow you to customize your website as you wish.
The layout looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or tablets. So there is no any chance to miss customers from small screen devices.
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Highlight Features:

  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website
  • Compatible with Latest Joomla 3.6.2
  • CSS3 animations for every modules
  • 100% Mobile Friendly Layout
  • Cross browser compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10 - IE11
  • Clean, well optimized and SEO Friendly code
  • K2 Component
  • VirtueMart 3.0.18 ready
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Right Sidebar page
  • Possibility to Use Slider on every page
  • Set different font sizes for all fonts, H1-H6 headings, body, footer, header, dropdown etc
  • Over 1200+ Font Awesome Icons
  • Creative Portfolio Gallery
  • On Scroll Animations
  • Back To top functionality
  • Access to Our Support Forum
  • Well Documented

How to Get Blog Content from ContentMart?

Hey guys, today I am here with the great tool which will help every blogger as well content marketer to get content. As we all know, that content is king, and without high-quality content, there is nothing for us on the Internet.
So now without wasting your time, let me reveal this. It's ContentMart.

What is Contetmart:

Contentmart is one of the most popular places to get high-quality Blog Content for your website. It connects you to the top writers across the world. Contentmart is a highly responsible website which not only provides you with Blog Content but also Informative Articles, SEO Friendly Web Content, Product Descriptions, Press Releases, Marketable Sales Copy and even Native Proofreading. It offers to you a variety of articles of different genres like Health and Care, Kids and Parenting, Politics, Sports, Travel and Tourism, Jobs and Education, Entertainment and Lifestyle and Science. If you need content online, this is the place for you.

How it Works:

You can now get Freelance Writers for your Blog, easily and faster at a good price on Contentmart. Register as a Client on Place your order, describe it and mention any kind of special requirements you have for the article. Offer the pay and set a deadline. Within a short period of time, you are sure to receive numerous bids from where you can choose the one which suits you the most. This is a platform connecting Customers to skillful writers with decent writing skills, at affordable rates.

Contentmart for Writers:

Contentmart assures you high quality of Freelance Writing as the Registered Writers are made to go through an Online test before they are registered as Contentmart Freelance Writers.
There are three stages of the test – beginner, intermediate, and advance. Advance is the highest level of the test. They are capable of framing the write-ups according to your requirement and submitting on time. The writers are expert in writing and fast with the ability to write what you expect and desire.

Contentmart for Client:

On receiving the content, if you, as a client, are not satisfied with the work, Contentmart allows resending the work to the writer for correction purposes. In case, the writer fails to submit the work before the deadline, you may even decline the project and reassign it to another writer. This is a trustworthy platform for both the Client and the Freelance Writers. As for the Client, you may not pay if you do not receive the desired and expected content from the Freelance Writers. For the Freelance Writers, you may apply to the Contentmart Arbitrator for a Contentmart Review and wait for justice being done. Both the Client and the Freelance Writers may write a review on the experience they had with each other while working on a project.

You can also become A Verified Writer at by doing following things:
  • Write an essay on a given topic by contentmart
  • Must have minimum 10 completed orders
  • Advanced English Test
  • Positive Ratings
  • 100% Profile Completion
  • 80% Order Finish Ratio
  • No Warnings

Final Words:

Contentmart is a simple website and a working platform connecting Clients to Blog Writers/ Freelance Writers, providing high-quality Online Writing at reasonable rates. This website supports a smooth flow of work, supports writers with Online Writing Jobs and guarantees the client that every single penny spent here will be worth it.

How Zoutons Helps to Save Money on Shopping

Online shopping is growing day by day and we can say it has become quite popular and demanding.
Online shopping is the privilege where the customers get the product sitting at the comfort of home. The customers now don’t have to worry now as there are coupons to save your money.

The issue comes when you need the coupons to save the money while shopping online. You can’t expect the coupon codes from the company at the time you shop, or you can’t only shop at the time company send you the coupon code…agree?

To deal with such situation, coupon sites have come in existence which helps you to get the desired the coupon codes and deals as and when you need.

Zoutons is one of such coupon site having a huge number of working coupons and deals.

These coupons sites are the one that helps the customers to get these coupons and save our day by giving you some bucks to store in your piggy bank.

Features of Zoutons

Apart from the fact that the site is completely free to use and offer smooth experience, below are some of the major features of the site.

  • Easy to use website
  • Lot of coupons for different portals
  • Lowe and economic price deals
  • Best coupons in the market
  • No registration
  • No forceful sign-up
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Popular Stores on Zoutons
Even though you will find the coupons and deals related to almost all the major e-commerce sites and stores but below are some of the popular stores those are quite popular on Zoutons-

  • Flipkart
  • Food Panda
  • Amazon
  • Pepper fry
  • Goibibo
  • Yebhi
  • Paytm
  • Snapdeal

How to use Zoutons to get the best deal

As I mentioned above, Zoutons is quite easy to use the site, and anyone can find the best deal here easily.

You have popular coupon category available on the site where you can find the trending deals-

You can also have a look at the latest coupon section to get the most recent deals-

Deals can also be found by visiting the stores from the menu items. Just open the store name for which you want the deals and coupons, and all the available coupons will be there. Just select the one which you need.

If still, you are unable to find what you are looking for, just use the search bar and find the coupons for that store.

For example, I have to search for Abof, so just search with the keyword abof and you will have all the available coupons and deals.

Why Zouton?

This is one of the useful and easy website to use. This is the website that offers different deals for the online shopping. For people who love to shop online if they get discounts on these products at the comfort of the home what more they can use for. The best thing that this site offers is the customer does not have to visit the buyer website the site takes to the website with the coupon code copied.


Zoutons is one of the most popular coupon sites in India having loads of coupons and online deals. I would suggest you to must visit Zoutons once before making any online transactions on shopping sites.

AIPGMEE- Everything you should know about

All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination (AIPGMEE) is a medical entrance exam conducted by National Board of Examinations (NBE) for the candidates who wish to take admissions in the medical field for the higher education. The graduates who want to take admission for post-graduation in the medical field must appear for AIPGMEE. This exam is being conducted every year by NBE and candidates can take admission in MS and MD diploma (50% All India quota seats) in the various government and private colleges across the nation.

AIPGMEE Examination Details

  • Name of the Examination –All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examination
  • Exam Level – National
  • Exam Category – Post Graduate
  • Origination’s Name – National Board of Examinations (NBE)
  • Admissions in: MS & MD

Important & Probable Dates

Here are the important dates regarding exams and results. But we suggest the readers visit the official site for the updated information.
AIPGMEE Registration Process starts  3rd week of September
Last date to apply  3rd week of October
Admit card availability  4th week of November
Date of examination 1st week of December
Result announcement 3rd week of January

 AIPGMEE Eligibility Criteria

Here are the detailed eligibility criteria for this examination-
  • The candidate must be an Indian Citizen.
  • A candidate, who holds M.B.B.S. degree from a recognized medical college
  • Candidates who have studied/passed MBBS from the state of Jammu & Kashmir and Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh are not eligible for 50% All India Quota.
  • The candidates who have obtained MBBS degree from the Medical Colleges which are not recognized by Medical Council of India shall not be eligible for this exam.
  • No request for relaxation of Compulsory Rotating Internship shall be accepted.
  • The dates indicated by candidates with regard to 12 months Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship i.e. starting date, completion date in the online application system shall be treated as final and candidates will be required to submit the original Compulsory Rotating Resident Internship completion certificate at the time of admission in allotted College.
  • The cut off dates for the recognition of the Medical Colleges from where the candidates have passed their MBBS Degree Course and completed compulsory rotatory Internship for the year 2016 will be 31st October, 2015. The Colleges recognized after this date will not considered.
  • Registration with M.C.I./State Medical Council is necessary and its documentary proof should be furnished at the time of counseling and admission in allotted College.
  • Some of the Universities are having regulations that candidates who are already pursuing the PG Course in their University or in another University are not eligible for admission till they complete the course. The candidates who are already pursuing PG Courses either through All India Quota or State Quota and are applying for a seat under All India Quota may confirm the eligibility conditions of that University in this regard.

Application Fee

  • The application form fee will be INR 3750 for all the candidates who belong to general category.
  • The application form fee will cost INR 2750 for all the candidates who belong to reserved category.

Exam Pattern

  • The questions will be based on the subjects taught in MBBS such as para-clinical, pre-clinical and clinical.
  • The examination will be conducted via online mode.
  • There will be total 300 MCQs that mean you will be having four options and you have to choose the correct one.
  • The examination will be conducted in English subject.
  • There will be no negative marking.
Here are the sectional paper details-
Subject Number of Questions
Anatomy 15
Physiology 15
Biochemistry 15
Pharmacology 20
Microbiology 20
Pathology 25
Forensic Medicine 10
Social and Preventive Medicine 25
Medicine Dermatology and Venerelogy 37
Surgery, ENT, Orthopedics & Anesthesia 46
Radiodiagnosis and Radiotherapy 12 (6+6)
Obstetrics and Gynecology 25
Pediatrics 15
Ophthalmology 10
Psychiatry 10
Total Number of Question 300


AIPGMEE is one of the most popular exams to perform higher education in Medical field. Students who wish to do MS & MD must appear for this exam and based on the score and counseling, they can get the desired colleges.

TS EAMCET Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad conducts a Common Entrance Test, TS EAMCET, on the behalf of the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE). This exam is scheduled for those students who aim to take admission in a number of professional courses offered by Universities/ Private Institution in Telangana State. These professional courses are being provided in various fields such as Engineering, Medical and Agriculture among others.

How to Apply for TS EAMCET Exam?

To Apply for the TS EAMCET, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the TS EAMCET website and click on the ‘Apply Online’ link
  2. After applying, you will be directed to a ‘Registration Fee Payment Procedure’. You will have to make the payment before proceeding further.
  3. You can either make the payment through Credit/ Debit Card or by visiting any e-Seva/ MeeSeva centers.
  4. After successful payment of fees, continue to fill the form online. Click on ‘Proceed to Online Application Form Filling’.
  5. You will be directed to the Online Form. Fill in your details and submit the form to complete your application.

TS EAMCET Eligibility

All the candidates must fulfill the complete eligibility criteria provided by JNTU Kakinada. If any candidate is found to not fulfill these criteria, they will be debarred from the exam. 
  1. Candidates should qualify the (10+2) or equivalent courses from any recognized school/institution by State Board of Technical Education and Training
  2. The Candidates applying for the examination should be originally from the Telangana State.
  3. The students should also fulfill all the Local/Non-local status requirements which are laid down by the Andhra Pradesh Educational Institutions.
  4. All the candidates must be Indian National/ Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) or hold an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card to get an admission through the exam.
Besides the general requirements, all students must also be able to qualify other eligibility criteria laid down by the JNTU for individual courses as well.

TS EAMCET Exam Pattern

The TS EAMCET is scheduled for Three Hours longs. Other important points about the Exam Pattern include:

  1. The paper contains 160 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions
  2. The Paper is divided into 3 different sections – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
  3. There are 80 questions in Mathematics, 40 questions in Chemistry and 40 questions in Physics.
  4. Each question will have four choices out of which 1 or more may be right.
  5. All the questions in the paper carry equal weightage and marks.
  6. Each correct answer will add 1 mark to your final score.
  7. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.
  8. Since the paper is a Pen and Paper Based Exam, all the students are required to mark their answers in the OMR Sheet.
  9. To mark an answer in the OMR sheet, students should darken the circle corresponding to their answer choice with a Blue/Black Ball Point Pen.

TS EAMCET Exam Syllabus

The Syllabus for the TS EAMCET is divided into two parts as prescribed by the Board of Intermediate Education, Telangana. This syllabus is designed keeping in mind the intermediate course and student’s equivalent class standards. These two parts include – Engineering and Agriculture.

The Engineering syllabus includes Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry whereas the Agriculture portion contains Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, and Physics subjects.

TS EAMCET Exam Centers

JNTU Hyderabad is responsible for conducting the exam across the state of Andhra Pradesh. These exams include the Telangana State Engineering, Medical and Agricultural Common Entrance Test. JNTU provides all the applicants with a list of 15 Regional exam center where the candidate has to indicate its preference order under the ‘Regional Center’ section when the student is filling the TS EAMCET Online Application form. Some of these Test Centers are:











TS EAMCET Admit Card

All the eligible students can download their Examination Admit Cards from the website two weeks before the exam is due to take place. Also, every Candidate is requested to check all the details on the Admit Card and contact the Exam Organizing Board if they found any irregularities in the Admit Card.


Usually, JNTU releases the results of all the exams within 3 weeks of organizing the exam. Candidates can check their results by visiting the official website and entering their Name and Roll No. on the results login page.

5 Uncommon Ways to Become a Better Writer

I know it!

You want to become a better writer with a huge readership. But now, you are roaming around the desert with no readers, no visitors, nothing!

You write, edit and publish articles. The realization that no one gives a damn about your write-ups hurt your inner-self. And, it’s the time everyone recognizes the need for becoming a better writer, at least a few care about.

In this article, I am going to share five tips to transform yourself into an attention grabbing writer.
Uncommon Ways to Become a Better Writer

I am sure you have heard a lot of writing advice. Write every day, avoid grammar mistakes, use correct punctuations, outline your first draft and many.

But here, you will read a few unconventional writing tips.

#1. Craft Shocking Titles

We all know this. Still, we overlook!

The very first thing anyone notices about your articles is the title itself. If you make them say WOW on seeing the title, you can win their attention to read the rest of the post.

Do you think creating title is an effortless task?

You are wrong!

Successful bloggers spend more time in title creation than in writing an entire article. Here are a few tips to come up with a jaw-breaking blog title.
  • Use numbers (see the title of this article)
  • Try to include power words (check #4)
  • Be unconventional (check this article to see what I mean)
  • Don’t be too short and long either

#2. Read what You Overlooked

All of us have a reading taste, right?

Maybe, you are a fiction lover. That doesn’t mean your friend loves the same. We always try to select something from our likes to read.

Guess what? You are missing a lot of things helpful for the writing.

If you are a fiction lover, try to include non-fiction in your reading list. Who knows, in the next post, a stat can be an appropriate one or not!

Moreover, you must understand the way of writing different literary forms. Fiction, non-fiction, blog posts, research paper, etc. It will make you capable of experimenting with writing styles.

#3. Steal Successful Ideas

What is wrong with me? Am I encouraging you to copy others?

Of course, not!

You read a lot, right? (It is necessary to be a good writer). In your daily reading routine, you come across many favorable write-ups. Then, why don’t you try to write something by them?

Check this article here. Here, the author talks about 36 unconventional blog post titles. You can quickly craft ‘How to Write an Extraordinary Blog Post Title?’ from the ideas he shared there.

Beware! You must include your points in the article. Word-to-word coping with a changed title doesn’t help.

#4. Use Power Words

I have already told you about this in #1 point.

Power words are a word or a phrase that depicts a strong emotion. Readers love articles that play with their emotions.

Isn’t it intimidating to have a blog with no readers? Then, try to use power words in your titles and body of the articles.

#5. Be a Brutal Editor

At the time of writing an article, you SHOULDN’T edit. Let the ideas flow without any hindrance.

Once you finish the assignment, give your mind some time to metamorphose itself from a writer to an editor. You can take a walk, read something, watch a movie or do anything that distracts you completely from the core of writing.

Then, get back to the business.

Edit like you doesn't know the writer. Eliminate all the clumsiness. Congrats! You have a lean but the best copy.

You can use an English grammar checker to aid you in this process.

Final Verdict

I am going to leave the stage.

It’s your turn now. If you follow the methods I have shared, you will surely become a better writer. If not, hmm… Everything is up to you.

Do you have any effective writing tips to share with us? Don’t forget to jot down the same in the comment form down below.

Spare a share if you care.