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The game of rummy is fun when you link it up with your real life. The video depicts a family who has gone for jewelry shopping. While the women of the house are busy in selecting the earrings and necklace, the man is trying to arrange the rings and earrings in some sequence. We have no clue what he is doing, but the salesman is watching him carefully. When he calls for diamond, the salesman snatches the diamond shaped earring from the man’s daughter hand and gives it to him. Oh my God! He has successfully made a rummy card sequence arranging the jewelry pieces. Only a rummy enthusiast can connect this situation well.
In just any game of rummy, the joker plays a vital role. You need to use the joker perfectly to win the game in a limited number of moves and take away the chips. Let us understand how to use joker with perfection.

Understanding the Term Joker in the Rummy Game

There are 52 cards in every deck excluding 2 more cards that have joker printed on them. The ‘Joker’ has its own rule to follow depending on the type of card games you are playing. Joker is the wild card in any game of rummy. It can be considered as replacement card, but the player should know how to use this card wisely & it should match with the rules of the rummy game.
The joker card is given utmost importance in any rummy card game as it enhances the chance of your winning in the game. Just understanding about ‘Joker’ term is not enough. You should also know how to meld the group by re-arranging the cards with Joker and complete the game in minimum moves. There must be a pure life sequence when you are arranging the 13 cards in groups of 4, 3, 3, and 3. A pure life is basically a sequence of at least 3 successive cards from the same suit. Let us understand about different types of Jokers used in the rummy game.

The Types of Joker in Rummy Card Game

The rules of playing rummy game are same for any game type. But, you need to understand about two types of jokers used in rummy game.
  • Printed Joker: There are 2 cards with printed faces of Joker in every pack of cards along with 52 cards. These are called the printed joker and are used for completing another set after you have formed a pure life sequence.
  • Cut Joker: The cards are well shuffled using the random number generator in any game of rummy and 13 cards are dealt to each player. After these cards are dealt, one card is selected randomly and is termed as cut-joker for that particular game. You should know that all cards having the same rank with cut joker will be treated as same irrespective of the suit in only that specific game.

Melding the Group with Joker and Cut Joker

As mentioned earlier, the player should make one pure life sequence before making a set with joker. A pure life sequence is a mandatory set in the game. Once you have made this sequence, you can now meld the group with cut joker or printed joker. The images below show how you can meld the group using printed joker and cut joker.

Melding with Printed Joker –

Melding with Cut Joker –

This is how you can easily meld your group with the joker cards after forming a pure sequence.

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