Google’s New feature For Google Map “As The Crow Flies”

As we all know that Google is a part of our day today life. To make our life much better Google add a new animal its search trick named “As The Crow Flies” in its OneBox (The OneBox is where Google often presents immediate answers to search queries rather than just presenting links relevant to the query.)but it is not related with the SEO as other animal like Panda, Penguin, Humingbird were launched for the SEO purpose.

Now this feature allow us to find out the distance between two points. This feature is launched on 24 Jan 2014.  As the Google Explained that OneBox feature can now answer how far distance between two places.

“This “as the crow flies” distance is a new Google Search feature that works for far-flung locales, beyond what you can drive or walk.”

As the Google Explained that it calculate as the Crow flies. For Example we search “how far sydney from chandigarh” it show like this.

how far sydney from chandigarh
But when the search is in local i.e. within a country or state it show the result as shown in the image 2. In this I make a search “how far Bilaspur (himachal) from Chandigarh” it shows the result as :
how far Bilaspur (himachal) from Chandigarh
Try this Google’s New feature and make a new experience in search.

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