How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently?

Yes, many time people ask me how I can delete my Facebook Account permanently. So today, I decided to write a post on the steps of deleting a facebook account.

Let me tell you that there is a huge difference between deactivating your facebook account and deleting your facebook profile. So before you move further, just understand the difference.

Deactivating a Facebook account

When you deactivate your facebook account, you can reactive it when you want. You may deactivate your account for any number of temporary reasons. This option gives you the flexibility to leave and come back whenever you want.

When you will deactivate your account:

  • People will not be able to see your account.
  • People will not be able to search your profile on facebook.
  • But messages, you had sent, will be visible.

But when you

Delete a Facebook Account Permanently

  • You will not be able to access your account in future if you want.
  • Some things, like facebook messages arents stored in your account. But your friend may have the messages you have sent in his inbox even after deleting your account.
  • It will take about 90 day to remove all the information about your facebook profile from facebook database.

Even now you would like to delete your facebook account, you need to follow the following steps. But keep in mind that you will not be able to restore your facebook profile after deleting it permanently.

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Steps to delete your facebook account.

  • Download a copy your information from facebook.

How to download the copy

To download copy of your information, follow the guide

  • Go to setting tab.
  • Click Download a copy of your Facebook data below your General Account Settings
  • Click Start My Archive

Now click here to delete your account with no option of recovery.
Follow the on screen steps. And you will be able to delete your account permanently.

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