Make Money Online With Tsu – A Social Networking Website Which Share Its 90% Revenue

Hi guys this is my first article on Make Money Online. In todays, we are spending our most of time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp and on many others to communicate with our friends and got nothing from them. These website earn $1 to $2 par daily  user but they share nothing with their users. But I am going to share same Social Media Website which works same as Facebook and also provide revenue share to its user.

Can You Believe That You Can Earn From Social Networking Website?

I don’t think you can believe that any can earn from Social Networking website. But I am sure that after reading this article you can believe that you can make money online with social networking website. You all make post, share, comments and likes the posts. Make followers and friends.  But any can tell me what is the benefit to do all this.

I am sure your answer will be “Nothing, We got nothing after spending a lot of time on all these“. But if i ask you to do the same on TSU.  What will your answer? I am going to answer your all questions here. Because before joining it, I my thinking also was the same.

Who Is TSU?

Tsu is a great opportunity to make money from home, increase corporate revenues or raise money for a non-profit organization.  Since itself does not invite anyone to the platform, it gives its users a short code to invite other members and distributes 90% of the revenue from its ads back to the users.

This unique architecture creates an on-going revenue stream for its everyday users.  This method will incentivize users to invite friends.  The larger a user’s “network”, the more money they can make.

In shorts:

Tsu is New Social Networking Site where you Earn Money

How Much I Can Earn From TSU? is a non profit social networking website. It share 90% of its revenue. Means you will get 90% revenue from its earning that is generated from your activities and take only 10% for website maintenance.

In Shorts:

Tsu will provide all the earning they earn from there advertisers on bases of every user activities.

  • Just imagine there are four users A,B,C,D.
  • User A invites B, who invites User C, who invites User D.
  • User D share a post which leads Tsu to earn $100.Think there are four users A,B,C,D.
  • User A invites B, who invites User C, who invites User D.
  • User D share a post which leads Tsu to earn $100.

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Likes, Comments, Shares, Friends, Followers, Refers = Earnings($$$)

How Can I Join This Online Money Making Machine TSU?

As I explained above that it does not invite anyone to join its platform so you need a referral from anyone. Only with the referral link you will be able to join TSU.  So if you want to Join this Online Money Making Machine, Click on below given referral link and became the part of TSU.

Join Tsu

Sign Up from this given link and make your strong profile.  Welcome, Now you are the Part of this Money Making Machine.

How Can I Earn Money Online With Tsu?

Tsu is a very fast growing Social Networking website where from you can earn money online by doing the same activities you do on other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+  and also on others.  These social networks pay you nothing for these activities but Tsu pay you for each and every activity you do like make friends, increase followers, like, comment, share and post. You have to refer tsu to your friends.

When you finish your profile creation follow these steps:

  • Open Profile > Edit profile and all option will available in left sidebar and you can checkout your earning from bank option.
  • Go to Settings > Invitation option from right sidebar.
  • Copy your refer URL and share it any other social networking sites where you want to get more friends and followers.
  • As many friends and follower will join Tsu with your refer link all they will help earn more revenue for you.

How I Can Increase My Revenue  with TSU?

  • Add and follow friends as many as you can, you will get back follow from them. It is a great way to increase your friends and followers.
  • Share your Referral link as much you can share. This will help you to increase your revenue from referral activities like share, comments, likes. You can share it through facebook, twitter, whatsapp, SMS and more other ways.
  • Refer more friends to tsu this will also help you to increase your revenue.
  • Create a blog post and include you referral link in it and share this post with all your social network.

How Can I Get Paid?

Select bank on the left side of the navigation bar, click “redeem” and complete the redemption request. tsū will perform some validation checks before mailing a check to the user. A user must have a minimum of $100 in their tsū bank in order to request a check.

More Questions:

I know you have many more question regarding this like

  • My network has value?
  • What is the tsū Algorithm?
  • How do I complete my profile info?
  • How do I publish content?
  • How do I share a weblink?
  • What content is inappropriate?
  • Who can see my content, and how do I manage content visibility?
  • What are hashtags and how do I use them?
  • How do I delete content?
  • How do I increase my content’s visibility?
  • How do I search for content?
  • How do I grow my network?
  • What is the difference between Friends and Followers?
  • How do I control who sees my posts?
  • How do I add another member as my Friend?
  • How do I remove a Friend?
  • How do I block another member on tsū?
  • How do I Follow another member on tsū?
  • I don’t want others to add me as their Friend
  • How do I mention/tag a user when I post content?
  • How do I send private messages to other users?
  • What is the Family Tree and how does it work?
  • What is a short code?
  • What happens if I invite someone to tsū using my short code? and bla bla. But sorry I can not explain each and every thing here. But I can give you a solution for all your questions that are arising in your mind. Please follow the give below link to find the answer of your question.

Final Words:

To be honest, I also join this network today. But most of my friends joined this and I thinks its a great way to earn money online by doing the same your are doing on other social media site. So don’t hesitate, just click on sign up link and start your journey.

Don’t afraid to make experiments, always make try and you will get success. So experiment it and share your view in comment.

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