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How to Disable WhatsApp Blue Tick For Read Messages

Before few days, Whatsapp introduced a new feature "Blue Tick for Read Messages" that enable sender to see that you read the message or not. In other words we can say that when you read the message your friend will notify by Blue Tick.  This feature create a lot of problem for you because you need ...

{Best Trick] How To Block Game Requests on Facebook

It is very annoying to get Game Requests on Facebook like  Candy Crush Saga and others. Today I am going to share some tips and tricks on How to Block Facebook Game Invitations. Why You Want to Block Facebook Game Notifications? As I mentioned that Facebook Games Notifications are much ...

How To Restore Deleted Messages on Facebook

Hi Guys, today I here with a most useful trick that will surely help you. Sometimes our messages or conversations deleted accidentally. So don't worry, I bring a very useful trick to which will help you to Recover deleted facebook messages.  There are two ways to recover deleted text messages. ...