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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting involves the use of multiple web servers which are interconnected. This is unlike Shared Hosting where the same server is shared by multiple accounts and even different from Dedicated Hosting where a single server is available for your site. There are many advantages of having your ...

A Beginners Guide to Starting an Ecommerce Store

Many of us dream of starting our own business. Years ago, to start selling your own products, you needed to either go big, invest in production and warehouse space and pitch to big businesses straight away, or start small. Selling products, you made on eBay or Etsy, perhaps even at a local market. ...

How to Find Your Blogging Voice

I knew I was onto something. But when I wrote and self-published the highest rated eBook on Amazon within its category, I saw quickly that I was, in fact, writing in my blogging voice. My eBook on how to find your writing voice has 49 reviews on Amazon. Every single review is a 5-star review. ...